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Thus you have a sudden, unforeseen drop in value and your slice of the company is now worth less. This is no good. So index funds were born. They are a bundle stocks different companies, so if one has a PR nightmare—the others will keep the value of entire fund from plummeting.

SHE is an index fund of stocks download game dream job the interview pro companies that have women in high leadership positions CEO, board members, etc.

So it is less about empowerment, and more about So it is an advertisement. Fearless Girl is a statue, the plaque in front of her makes her an advertisement. Value of SHE over the past year. The value of SHE in past year has remained relatively constant. There was sharp decline January, but it steadily back up.

There was not a huge spike in March Fearless was installed but it was definitely crawling up and has returned to similar from before January. Goblin porn what does that mean?

Is that a bad thing? it feminism? The line between art and advertisements is a lot finer than you would think just Don Draper. Making money off art is nothing new. So let's try looking at some positives for this As far as I can understand, SHE has attached a new value to women in leadership roles big business that is a good thing.

Sure, they are not really coming at it from a socially conscious perspective. They are looking at it from an economic perspective, but in case those two things align.

Meanwhile, a woman has never president and chief executive officer at State Street Global Advisors. are not going to fix the gap overnight and State Street put their money out there to inspire young girls to go into finance.

And so people buy stock. Everything is commodity when it's in the public eye of capitalism. You can give a situation the benefit of the doubt, never trust The Man.

It may have been a female game date ariane xxx to Arturo Di Modica or to the other criticism surrounding the statue. But it is also worth mentioning that the plaque was removed well after been established who had installed the statue.

One could argue they did what they came to do. Fearless Girl is and she was as an advertisement. overall, I think there are nuances to this marketplace feminism. Who would have I do feel for Di Modica. He created something with a message and now it has been changed. When you create something you get protective of it.

Before he spoke up, I did not even think about who the artist of Charging Bull was and what they would think. Partly because I assumed they were dead. I assume doremon cartoon sex artists dead. They get to interpret the art anyway they want, and as times change, the message changes too.

In some aspects that is one of the cool things art. Modica threatened to go down and turn around the bull himself. Which, to me, sounds like would just make it look like the bull was farting on the girl and was still being fearless. As as Di Dodica asserting that Fearless Girl is not art because she was by a company and he paid for his artwork himself….

A talented artist who lives in Delaware who specializes in lost-wax casting in bronze. She is a person too. Fearless Girl is art. me, it like a metaphor for the greed of Wall Street.

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She is not just a symbol women in finance, but for people everywhere who mlp animations gay hentai steamrolled. And I think the average person recognizes that. But the fact that Fearless has resonated with some many people shows that a lot of us are feeling the same things and are on the same page.

And like to think that counts for something. aren't always? You can't get away from that magical media monopoly.

Upon my deep internet searches, I found out about real Disney and speculated about what other secrets they java sex games 3d jack hiding; the Disney ski resort that never was; and a film in which attempted to give your sexual education via Martin Short. try to hide it by giving it a super-boring name, by putting in Glendale, California. Getting into the ARL is not easy to do. There league of legends porn game a few reports circling online from journalists who were in, this usually when they are to hype up the release of an old classic, like Pinocchio or Snow

Once inside, cannot take pictures beyond the lobby. cannot have a pen. You cannot tag your location at any point while at ARL. That said, your back.

They gotta give the people what they want. Most captivating, especially for those of us who grew up with films from the Disney Renaissance, is the animation desk of Pres Romanillos. He drew Aladdin and Milf mom hentai, and etched the into his desk and it looks super cool.

The vault itself seems like your run of the mill vault that houses thousands and thousands animation artwork. The purpose of the ARL is so artists can draw inspiration from previous work, for example when creating Zootopia they dug up the original drawings of Robin Hood to begin drawing Nick Wilde. Disney has always been art, they used to chain up lions for The Lion King and had little girls pose for Alice in Wonderland.

Art imitates life imitates art. As a Disney android sex apk, this place does sound impressive.

Apparently you can a lot of artwork with old coffee mug rings, and other spills because artists used to take their home with them. But I also know they be hiding the good stuff. I think there levels to the ARL. I hope they escape one day. Next down is they put all the stupid racist stuff.

And even has levels. The next level racism is all the characters Disney rather we just forget about, and hopes forget about too. Thats degrees of fucked up. The last level is obviously where you'd find Disney's secret explaining why he hates the Jews.

I mean most definitely was. I just don't understand why people are so shocked by that, it was 's.

He was also most definitely super sexist. But he's dead so I win. VultureNerdistGeekDad. We were suppose to fap 18 rapehd com a Disney ski resort, and then Walt Disney up and died like the selfish bastard he is. Although it this case it may have been the best. It was going to be the biggest ski resort in California right on the outskirts of Sequoia National Park: League of legends jinx porn Mineral King Ski Resort.

The resort included 14 ski lifts, a 3, vertical drop to the valley, and little Alpine village appropriately located in the mountains of Not Switzerland.

It is truly a world of magic. The other thing this resort would need was the road to get to it. In the beginning, everyone seemed very on board—Disney, the California government, and even environmental groups. The resort was designed so it would not be seen from the valley and guests would have to ditch their cars before entering the resort in parking lot near the entrance.

But then Walt Disney and everything began to apart. Then most of the environmental groups had a change of heart, were like "nah, this ain't But the final nail in the coffin for the Disney ski resort was pounded in by none other than Ronald Reagan, because Ronald Reagan hates fun.

RIP Mickey on Skis. I often feel a little bad for Walt Disney, despite his obvious flaws. He was a perfectionist who was ahead of his time, and a lot of his biggest endeavors never came to be. The name stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow; it was going to be the perfect city in a bubble. I think Walt was born for a different time and never really got to Tomorrowland.

But if he was alive today, he probably would've voted for Trump so And it is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 on

It may be the best 14 minutes of your morning. It made for the Wonders of Life pavilion in Epcot in It is a about conception and birth, and all the wonders of heteronormativite repressed sexuality.

It also may be sublimely advocating abstinence it stars and is narrated by Short, the least sexy cast of SNL you forgot about. The "plot" of the film is Martin going back and seeing his parents as, and then they meet and make a baby Martin Short.

This is straight up Victorian era bullshit. Who are we suppose to be keeping it from?

Oh, better not tell that lady bug how make babies…it might rise up and become the new dominate species.

Martin Short goes a lot perils watching his parents get together.

His mother makes out with another man she even meets his dad, like a hussy. And then they almost never meet, because she goes to the dance with the school bully and Martin Short fades out of existence. Then crazy old man climbs a clock tower and turns a train into a time machine. was a close one. Martin Short also sits a rooftop under the stars as his parents do the nasty, and has the audacity to say "I bet your wondering why I'm here and not down there" I hope to Goddess no one was wondering that.

I'm wondering why he's up there at all To their credit, they were trying to do a good thing. They also touch upon people getting married and not having kids right away, AKA just enjoying married to each other. It is so carefully crafted, to be informative leaving plenty of room questions so the kids have something to ask their television sets they get home.

Like I said, they were trying to do a good thing. A bunch of sperms are having a road race what appears to be a hyper-sexualized blonde hard-boiled egg. Throughout xxx.sorority.secrts.2the.ew.semester.ful.movi whole there seems to be this taboo of sexuality, but making the females hypersexual.

It is adds a potency to the film that I don't think anyone intended. The hard-boiled egg is even sitting in one of bougie egg dishes and places a target on herself so the sperms know where to hit.

If only could put one of those on our g-spots, am I right ladies? no having for pleasure kids, no one does that. Stop humping your pillows to masturbate. You sex for babies.

lifeselector - Sorority Secrets 2 - The New Semester ( [uncen] [eng]

Hi, my name is Gloria Rose and I'm a comedian and writer. Because the seduction of sindi guide International Women's Day, so get in comfy so you can low-key masturbate on the seam of your jeans because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Mary Fields may be the most badass woman I have ever read about, and I more or less stumbled her while surfing the net.

She, drank, fought, and is described as "having more freedom xxx.sorority.secrts.2the.neew.semester.ful.movi some white men". Which I know, sounds like racism and sexism is over but it's totally not so calm down my fellow whites.

Jul 24, - which can help new and continuing students navigate CASC. . Campus Procedures for Sexual Misconduct/Assaults. over their favorite show, books, movies, games, and anything else that they are completely mad over. . d) Be non-discriminating in membership (no secret fraternities, sororities.

We been slacking a looooonng time, but I digress. This isn't about us, this is about MARY.

Mary Fields gained her after the Civil, and moved around bit for a while. She worked on a steamboat in, sexy bikini bodies 2018 voyeurist worked for a convent in, before ultimately ending up in Cascade, Montana.

To say Mary was a "tough lady" is understatement. She wore comfortable AKA men's clotheswas the only woman allowed to smoke and drink, and she had a standing bet that she could knock out any with one punch. Mary Fields used to transport supplies for convent Ohio.

She stayed all night and fought those wolves off cause had a god damn job to do. Unfortunately she later to leave her post at the convent, because of a conflict had with a local ranch foreman details are not clear, there were gun duels, fistfights, and a dented skull.

But the Sisters loved her so much, they helped her secure the supplies and connections necessary to establish a mail route based in Cascade, Montana.

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Mary Fields became the second woman in the United to have her own fe mail route. Everyone in Cascade loved Mary.

She babysat the and would use all her extra money to buy them treats. She also ladybug porno the Cascade baseball team and would make each player a buttonhole bouquet of flowers, and made larger bouquets for home-run hitters.

Which may be the cutest thing I sexvixual intercourse ever heard. The townsfolk of Cascade respected and loved Mary much cause how could you not? Mary was not a to be messed with, but also was incredibly loving and devoted to the humans around her.

Anyone else swooning over this woman who died over ago?

groups who are being considered for the establishment of a new chapter Informal meetings may be attended by pledges, with full voting privileges, at university, the Interfraternity Council, other fraternities, sororities, campus shall be responsible for the preservation of the secrets of our Fraternity, Sexual Abuse.

When we will each find a man Mary Fields? JKJK You don't need no man. JKJK Yes, you do, need self worth.

Female Pioneer in Montana. I was her Halloween one year, and everyone thought I was Cleopatra!

I was so mad that I took every single dog damn piece of candy they me and immediately ate every single dog damn piece of when I got home. came very close to knowing who Queen Hatshepsut is because her garbage son we think straight up tried to erase her from history.

He destroyed her portraits, statues, and a fair amount of her building projects. Fucking kids have no respect during ancient times before Christ, am I So she operated as Queen regent for two years before declaring herself pharaoh. her rule, Egypt prospered. grew lots of that a big deal in ancient timesthey had peace, and she lead malon ingo hentai of the most ambitious building projects that remain some of the most beautiful works of ancient architecture.

She is considered one of the greatest female rulers of Egypt, but fuck titles with disclaimers. She is one of the greatest rulers of Egypt, period.

One of the most interesting things about Queen Hatshepsut is how she schemed to legitimize her rule. First, she wore a fake Which all pharaohs did but most queens did not, making her the original drag queen! Kidding, but it does make semantically. In a lot of artwork she made she was as very masculine.

In paintings and statues she would often have a very broad porn game rpg mom and only slight curves, and of course a beard. In others she would have a more feminine figure but would still be wearing traditionally garments. According some experts, Queen Hatshepsut was a very curvy, fat woman with "large pendulous breasts" ew that expressionand was balding.

But looks don't mean shit when you ruling one the greatest ancient civilizations in, bittttcchhhhhh. keep rocking with them big titties and shiny bald head, my Cockwork industries apk download. Ugh, healthcare right now is so depressing. As are a lot of things BUT as Mr. Rogers's mother once said for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping". I learned Lillian Wald in Hebrew School, and she a helper.

We were randomly being assigned famous Jewish to xxx black cat porn a biography about and I got her, or I picked her I don't remember, after my Bat-Mitzvah I was like "peeaaaace" to those memories. Lillian Wald was a social reformer advocate for the poor.

After graduating from nursing school, Wald began going into the poor neighborhoods to help immigrant Once she saw how much they were lacking, she moved there because they needed help and healthcare just like else. She was the president of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing, and used to position to for a national health insurance plan.

As an advocate, young hentai gif helped put nurses in schools, she helped establish the United Children's Bureau, and lobbied for end of child We would learn about the end of child labor with just a little blip like "child labor officially ended in " and that's it. When a lot of the reason it passed was because of women like Lillian Wald.

Ugh-a-bug, this shit is I like calling people "badass" and most of the time imagine someone big and tough standing on top of a pile of dead liger-dragons.

Lillian Lol porn apk your champions is badass cause she was a loving and thoughtful human who believed everyone should have access to healthcare and hygienic conditions to live in. You know, basic human rights. Okay so I lied a little bit. I did learn about Mary Lease in one of my high school classes. But it not my basic history class and I just to have a very progressive teacher.

Lease was a Populist who fought on of the girls sexgame around