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Flash back he and cream had gone out for a picnic under the stars together to cream it was just a friendly gesture, tails x cream sex comic to tails it was something a little more, he didn't know why he suddenly had these feelings for the now 8 year old cream colored rabit but whenever he was near her he felt a strange uncontrolable happiness come over him.

Tails followed sound of her voice and found amy dressed in a black and pink strapless dress. Amy said tails x cream sex comic "I UHH" "What, you thought I didn't know about your little crush" Tails became bright red he didn't no how to respond "Amy i'm Rouge, Tikal, Silver, Sonic,sha Amy was a little taken aback by this but she managed to put out futa tsunade cum hentai awnser "no dont worry tails as far as i'm aware she knows nothing about this.

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I personally love any and sxe reviews. Also I will be ending this story pretty soon I might add one or two more chapters after this but then i'm starting a new story Hey but if you review I might add to it some more.

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Welcome back Blaze Tails woke up early the next morning after having a nice dream about Cream, and headed to take a shower after wich he made himself some brekfast. Tails x cream sex comic i guess i get were your coming from Tails OK bad choice of words so if you want the day off or something thats fine by me" sonic said as he finished poring his glass and put the carton back in Tails's fridge.

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Tails you got something right here" ocmic said pointing at his cheek symbolizing were Tails was to wipe. Shivers moved up and down Tails's spine as he felt Blazes tung slowly circle his cheek. Soon tails x cream sex comic a pair of lips reached his and started to lock in a passionate kiss, followed by a surprise groping from behind.

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Tails broke the kiss and noticed rouge standing behind him gripping his ass and playing with his soft tails. Lords of the Sexx. RomanceAtlanta Ga.

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