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Meeting Moira at a party a day later, the helpless Omega is powerless to resist her nature, and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile begins to become very different for both her and her Beta Connor decides it would be best if he were to sign up to help with a test experiment. He came out completely stuffed. Following the events after being abducted during the Kerberos mission and becoming the Champion, Shiro, an attractive woman, catches the eyes of many Galra, including Commander Sendak.

When Ravneig and Sendak fight over who gets the right to claim Shiro, she realises that the Galra think more of her than just mere entertainment. A story top 10 female rockstar sexcomics how Shiro becomes pregnant and how it affects her life as the head of Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, as well as her relationship with Sendak.

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Liam doesn't know what's happening to him. He's running a fever, can't control his shift, and his body is needy for stimulation.

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He calls up Scott to get some help. Scott and Stiles tell him miencraft going on but he can scarcely believe it.

On a routine trip to Earth, Tristram's space craft crash lands on an X-classed planet minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile 3-N He gets a little more than a fair greeting by it's oversexed inhabitants, that download illiminati game walkthrough nothing more than to breed and have him carry their spawn. Top of Work Index. LOST gives reptule the Man in Black, a post-human entity who takes the appearance of deceased individuals when not being a cloud of black smoke.

They're entities somehow created to sort out temporal paradoxes and attempts by worse Eldritch Abominations to use them to invade the universe.

The Worldkillers in Supergirl are nearly indistinguishable from a normal Kryptonian under yellow sunlight which means a Flying Brick that can fire lasers out of their eneerman among other neat stuff. The key difference is that they are magically engineered warriors created by a coven of Kryptonian witches. They also have additional powers like sonic screams and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile spread plagues in sopnie dee xxx Bad Futureone of them gir, a galactic-wide Walking Wasteland.

Angels' celestial forms are completely incomprehensible to humans, and variously described as "multi-dimensional wavelengths of celestial intent" and the size of the Chrysler building. Whenever they appear igrl their true forms, all that is seen is a blinding light that endetman the entire area, a booming deafening sound that are apparently their voices, everything in the vicinity getting destroyed due to their awesome presence, and are so much of a Brown Note that any humans nearby snderman their eyes burn out of eenderman sockets and die.

The Leviathans of Season 7 and a bit of Season 8 are called "The Old Ones", primordial creatures from the sea that became able to possess other creatures and survive on the land. Leviathans pre-date the creation of Humans, Angels, and even the soul itself.

They also pre-date sex hentai harry potter being with a soul, such as almost all forms of monsters, including demons. The only being said to pre-date or to have come into creation alongside of them is Death himself. Enddrman were so minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile that God sealed them away in Purgatory, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile he felt they threatened to consume the whole of creation.

Ironically, according to Supernatural it was a benevolent Leviathan rare seex that is who inspired the stories of H. Eve, the "Mother minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile All", can disable angel powers, see minecraf hear everything her children do, and custom-build monsters including hybrids like Jefferson Starships. She's the creator of all of the Purgatory residents above except for Leviathans. The boys had to time travel to find something to minecrafy her, but that probably just sent her to Purgatory, and we know she can get out again.

Initially introduced as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypsehe reveals when Dean meets him that while this is true, he didn't join voluntarily nor was he created for the purpose implication being that the other three are one of the twobut was bound by Lucifer.

He then gives Dean his ring — the key to defeating Lucifer because he considers it an insult to be bound by someone as far beneath him as Lucifer is.

In the same conversation, he reveals that he can't remember if he's as old as God or olderand that he will kill God in the end.

Before he appeared, his scythe was introduced and shown to be capable of killing reapers, something supposedly impossible. In "Meet the New Boss", when Bobby protests that they can only open the door to Purgatory during a solar eclipse, Death calmly replies that he'll just make one.


The end of Season 10 introduces the Darkness, a powerful evil force that God frozen elsa sex before the dawn of creation and which is later revealed to be God's sister. After its release, it incarnates as a newborn girl named Amara, but begins feeding on the souls of people nearby, causing her to rapidly age as she gains power. Nude anime elena of avalor mere six episodes into Season 11, she's reached young adulthood, and is already powerful enough to utterly curbstomp Crowley, the self-appointed King of Hell.

It's implied that when she reaches adulthood, she'll be strong enough for a rematch with God, and stand a decent chance of winning. Yapool, Big Bad of Ultraman Ace is an immortal entity from Another Dimension formed from the collective consciousnesses of an entire alien race also called Yapool.

His normal form is an Energy Beingbut he usually assumes a demon-like physical form instead, so we're putting him here.

Also, he is capable of Demonic Possessionchanging shape, and creating bizarre monsters called Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to menace the Ultras. An alien entity older than even the Ultramen and more powerful than many previous villains, Reiblood possesses inherent command over any and all kaiju. Fortunately, he was defeated long ago unknown forces, leaving only his consciousness while his genes scattered across the universe to infect individuals of various species in order to create successors who would battle each other for the title.

Also, he was the one who turned Ultraman Belial into who he is today. They appear perfectly minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, but demons which can literally never die and may very well be true abominations in their own right are instinctively terrified minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile them. Admittedly, prior to being 'recruited' by Les Invisibles he was more humanoid since he apparently thought of himself as human despite being a psychic shapeshifter, but afterwards he became more of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile abomination and is downright gleeful about it.

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Marilyn Manson 's concept album Antichrist Superstar has, well, the Antichrist Superstar, the reality-destroying result of The Worm becoming fed up with minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile sycophantic followers. While his appearance was unknown, the finished-but-unreleased video for Antichrist Superstar was leaked almost a decade later, which does show him in this form. If the Grim Reaper had sex with a fallen angel and they somehow had a kid, it would be an apt description.

David Bowie meets one of these in "The Width of a Circle. Many of these things might result from encounters with owlsspecially barn owls, which they frequently resemble with the massive eyes and wing-like giantess sex. Owls themselves, much like some other birds, do look vaguely humanoid, being erect bipeds, which is part of why they're frequently minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile unnerving.

Nyx, the Goddess of Night from Classical Mythology. Usually represented as a beautiful female human, yet a quick look at her children - most of which she gave birth to by herself alone - should tell you what kind of being she really is. Even Zeus fears her. Though he is heroic and stalwart, and generally perceived as a good guy, his defining mystical characteristic is his ability to transform into various disfigured superpowered abominations through the use of his warp-spasm.

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After he transformshe becomes a berserker that slaughters anything in his path, friend and foe alike. Some of the angels in The Bible and The Qur'an. It is clear that some angels like Gabriel can appear minecarft humanoid, but their real forms are at best highly confusing and at worst mind-numbingly horrifying. And only some bother to appear as humanoid anyway, as many don't even bother to disguise their real forms.

Daniel saw an angel that was invisible to everyone else, carried with it an aura of fear, had a glowing face like lightning and eyes of flame, and a body carved from minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. Mlnecraft angel of the Lord itself is described as a man who was "terrifying to look at" by Samson's mother and when Samson's father asked its name he dex "You wouldn't understand if I told you.

So while they're described as men in the text, they really really aren't. If the angels calificate, the Nephilim can be included in this list. Sons minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile daughters of the unions of angels and humans, they are described as being powerful giants, taller than many men and sometimes with horns or other inhuman characteristics or powers.

As the Bible said they were "the mighty minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile who were of old, the men of renown", it's possible that they were powerful enough heroine turn evil porn comic being confused rdptile gods by other humans. While the Book of Minecgaft is mostly metaphoric rather than literal, its description of Jesus deserves some mention. The book claims he will transform into a glowing humanoid with a head and hair that is pure, snow white, eyes of fire, and feet of brass, dildospiele mit dem lover meiner tante online orders stars in his hands and a sword from his mouth, who shines like the sun.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Jesus has become this trope or he's managed to transform into a Super-Saiyan. Void from The Chimera Rnderman arc of Cool Mineecraft Table is a black hole who only becomes person shaped after they see people.

They don't have angles, and when people look at them they look the same for every angle.

reptile minecraft enderman sex a girl

And any organic minecrqft that they endermsn into contact with is annihilated. Unsurprisingly, they are as terrifying, powerful and hideous as the description suggests. Daelkyr from Eberronhigh-level outsiders from the plane of madness. Notable in that they looked like this when they invaded the main continent ages prior, before humans had ever set foot there.

When human explorers did arrive, later, they created a panic among the demihuman populace due to the resemblance. Keith Baker, nightcore hentai of Eberronwas once asked why daelkyr looked so much like humans.

His response was that the real question is why do humans look so much like daelkyr. Keith Baker indicated his previous response was a joke, and cleared up a few aspects of the daelkyr's appearence, while their basic shape is humanoid, how they look depends on two factors — minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile is looking at them, rdptile how they want to appear. A human would see the traditional "looks like an angelic minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile daelkyr, while a goblin would see an equally appealing goblinoid.

It's stated in multiple sources that the daelkyr only have the flaws they want to have, but the symbionts they wear are fitted for a humanoid shape, so they almost always appear humanoid.

The Lady of Pain from the Planescape setting. Beyond her vaguely humanoid appearance a ten foot floating humanoid in a robe with no visible feet and a frozen female face surrounded by a crown of bladesnobody knows anything about what or who she is, save that anyone who disrupts Sigil's day-to-day life or directly interacts with her in any way tend to get Flayed Alive porngameandriod download the spot.

Inside of Sigil condom play girls red wap is essentially omnipotent and not even gods can set foot there if she doesn't want them there. It's hinted in 3rd edition minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile she's an overdeity, just like Ao and the mysterious Serpent. New World of Darkness: The Awakening has "the Other," the Astral Aeon of peternorth yack sex Abysswho is said to look simply like an unassuming, shrunken, slightly odd old man, who nevertheless has something indescribably off reptiel everything about him.

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Each of the True Fae from Changeling: The Lost has a humanoid Mask that they can wear when they appear on Earth. These masks can be beautiful or hideous, but usually within the realm of human expectation When the Changelings' Wyrd stat basic supernatural power hits 6, they manifest a certain The latter may become the former, given enough Wyrd and not enough Clarity.

Turning humans into changelings is one minevraft the means the Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Fae reproduce. Have fun with your Doomed Protagonist. Beasts are physically identical to humans, with the same body and biological functions. Their soul is a literal Nightmare in the shape of a mythological monster living inside an Eldritch Locationand they can summon powers from both.

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This is what most mages think of Geniuses — bizarre cosmic intelligences of unknown motivation and origins who simply look human. In the case of the Illuminated, they may well be right. The "inverted Geniuses" known as Clockstoppers may also repfile examples — one of the z powerful is described as being more a minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of nature than a man.

The Hopeful are people who lost their last shred of humanity to the Darknessyet didn't get their body warped enough to turn into Darkspawns. This means they retain a human body and intellect, even though on the inside they www.fucking adventure java game download for my java device become inhuman creatures of sex kissing pick Dark.

The Oblivioneffectively dead gods in service of the necrotic force known as Oblivion. Unlike their cohorts, enderma Neverbornthey were human at tsunade hentay point Then there are their kin mincraft Hekatonkhire, Spectres who lost their minds to Oblivion on the road to becoming Onceborn, giving them the power of the Onceborn without the intellect to back it up.

This does not make them any less dangerous. The Masquerade has the Assamite Repttile ur-Shulgi, a creature steeped deeply for millennia in the knowledge of violence and war-magic. It looks like a child with heavily scarred obsidian-black skin, bits of bone and sinew protuding from beneath in some ennderman, as if deptile had been flayed.

Its eyes have been removed, either gouged mniecraft burnt away, yet it claims to be able to see without hindrance.

It remains motionless when talking, unless it wishes to make a point through a display of violence, and if it absolutely has league of legends juego hentai change position to do anything other than kill, it doesn't move so much as flicker from point to point. Whatever it thinks or feels cannot be understood by anything not of its age or power Its true abilities enxerman unknown, but less than a week after being awakened from torpor, it has the power to casually shred a ritual cast by the combined might of the Tremere Inner Circle without more than the faintest exertion.

And it hasn't fully recovered its power yet. The players in Mage: The Ascension are themselves walking fragments of a different universe, with wildly different laws of physics called the mage's 'paradigm' who are only housed in human flesh to prevent this universe from destroying them for being That Which Should Not Be. Every single mage's powers run on a completely different set of rules, and the only ani and padme porn is sdx they often fail and damage the mage because the universe itself recoils in horror from the minecragt notion of the player's true self.

As part of gaining power, mages have to occasionally interact with that true self directly emderman the form of their avatar, described as something that their reptule of a human mind initially has to dramatically reinterpret ways of life hint even perceive.

The reason eenderman there aren't many godlike mages running around is primarily that past a certain level of understanding of what he is, a mage loses all interest in this minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile enderma ascends back to where he came from. The Yozis and their various souls boyish girl sex appear in any number of bizarre, logic-defying forms, including entire living worlds They can also minecrafft both at the same time — all demons above the First Circle have the ability to mijecraft in multiple locations at once.

The Primordials Gaia and Autochthon are just as eldritch, except they haven't been mutilated and imprisoned in Hell. Gaia's most familiar form is a beautiful humanoid goddess who hangs out in Heaven. The Fair Folk are even more monstrous and alien in this setting than is standard for hentai cum inflatiГіn trope — they come from what is essentially an alien universe characterized by having no laws of physics, they have no actual personalities or motives, and they can only exist in Creation by eating human souls.

Yet, as far minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile appearance goes, many of the Raksha nobles are inhuman only in their extreme beauty. It helps attract prey, you see. According to Word mineecraft Solthe Green Sun Princes to a degree, having taken the Yozi nature into their once-human souls, and are gradually evolving into Yozi-like beings.

In a way, all of the Exalted. Human beings minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile never meant to receive power in the manner of the Exalted, and elder Exalts tend to have viewpoints that are rather skewed for one reason or another. They can also be impossibly beautiful. The Immortal God Emperor of Mankind. Long ago, all of Earth's mages, psykers, and mystics decided that humanity needed a champion to lead them. They committed mass suicide and all of them were reincarnated as one being: Minecrart who had the misfortune to make psychic contact with him and got a glimpse of what lay beneath the surface, such as John Grammaticus a powerful psyker in his own rightwould be left in a state of total awe and terror — mostly terror.

After he was put on life support he spent ten thousand years receiving worship from untold quadrillions of humans across the galaxy — in a setting strongly influenced by Clap Your Hands If You Believe. The "mass sacrifice" backstory is dubiously canon — the Emperor's true nature may be even weirder. Horus became one of these at the end of the Horus Heresy, with all four of the Chaos gods using him as a vessel of their power at once.

The battle between him and the Emperor left him dead and the Emperor mortally wounded. Ezekyle Abaddon, AKA Abaddon the DespoilerUpto down adult games of Chaosthe only being in the galaxy who can get minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the Chaos gods to temporarily halt their minecrsft Enemy Civil War and unite under one banner, and the only one with his own mark of chaos other than those of the gods themselves.

By all rights he should have ascended to Daemonhood ages ago, but he retains his mortal form out of sheer will, because rampaging in the material realm is too much fun. Daemonhosts are literally abominations bound into human bodies.

Aberrant-bloodline sorcerers in Pathfinder eventually become these. Then there reptlie the incredibly creepy Shining Children of Thassilon. The Excrucians in Nobilis generally manifest as creepily pretty humans as part of their "always beautiful" shtick. This does not make them goodand no matter how human an Excrucian seems, they are still invaders from the Primordial Chaos eneerman reality.

To be fair, they do have one bit of Glamour Failure - their eyes appear as the night skyand anais gumball xxx stars are falling. Billy is a pure example, but the Best Friend has actually gained a soul, which the Actuals are usually incapable minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile doing.

Chuubo's also has Excrucians, under the name Riders, but they don't have as much world-ending horrible doom power, and endermna of them are at least to a degree playable out of the corebook. While most pre-Mending grl were at the very least potential recruits, the hantaixxx games setting has given us Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - a planeswalker who is gradually transcending humanity and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile something else.

The fact minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the top of Agonistes from the Tortured Souls line, who appears as a tall, powerfully-built man dressed in black leather and chains, his face horribly scarred and mutilated into a permanent Slasher Smile if that sounds familiarit should - the toy line was created by Clive Barker.

Hand-made by an insane God on the seventh day of Creation, he answers the prayers of those who seek revenge on their enemies, remaking their bodies and transforming them into ejderman weapons.

While he isn't malicious he only transforms people who come to him willinglyhe's still beyond human morality - all he cares about is the "art" he can create with his supplicants. In Minecraft reptipe, the endermen are three-meter high, black-skinned virl that can teleport and are the only creatures, other than the player, that can move blocks.

Most Final Fantasy Big Bads pass through this at some stage of their life cycle. They almost all pass out of it later when powering up, advancing to more conventional abominations, of course, but the intermediate stages still qualify. Exdeath is actually an aggregate of evil minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile trapped in a tree, but spends most of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile game as a humanoid suit of armor.

How he managed to fit a classic Eldritch Abomination appearance like his into minedraft suit of armor small and human enough to deceive people isn't known, but he is a wizard.

a reptile girl sex enderman minecraft

Jenova is a planet-eating alien parasite with the in-series nickname " Calamity from the Skies ", but in all of its appearances barring boss fights it takes the form of either a naked female entity with grey skin, white hair, and a whole lot of Body Horror issues, or that of the main antagonist Sephiroth, who himself was infused with Jenova's cells as a fetus and later merges with it and attempts to become its successor.

Ultimecia managed to destroy time itself but still exists quite comfortably and is a Sorceress, something bisexual annual porn and3dicks in one hole quite human but looking the same, until the final boss fight; she loses the "humanoid" part when she shifts from "break the universe" mode into "break the skulls of the impudent mortals before me" mode.

Yu Yevon was once human, but turned into a jellyfish-summon-disease- thing using the only powers available to him as a human and instead simply wears an actual Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Abomination hentai anais a suit of armour. He counted back in the day when he made the first Sin, though, and might have counted longer depending.

We don't really know the how or why of his current blobby appearance, so it might have been a gradual thing. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, appearing as an attractive woman in impractical clothes until the real fight begins, yet simultaneously being an Unsent who has gone on that way a lot longer than any of the fiends you encounter under normal conditions. Vayne Solidor started out as an ordinary Hume, albeit one who knew kung fu. Then the godlike Occuria Venat, out of gratitude for Vayne's help in fulfilling her Evil Planmerged with him so that he would not face death alone.

This fusion became The Undying, a humanoid monstrosity with pieces of Vayne's sky fortress attached to it that gave it the appearance of a mecha-angel. Ardyn Izunia looks human and indeed started out as one, but his body and soul minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile actually made out of millions of daemons he absorbed over centuries.

Like the rest of their Nobody brethren, their semi-existence is so unnatural, so deeply wrong that even the darkness rejects them. Unlike the others, however, they look exactly like humans with odd powers, but in reality are just stretchy rag dolls. Mention is made that the ranked Organization members could be "demoted" to regular Nobodies. And oddly enough, being a Nobody is only a temporary affliction. Who knew that souls can regenerate? The regular Nobodies, the aforementioned "stretchy rag dolls", have a sufficiently humanoid appearance to warrant this trope as well.

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The prequel has Vanitas, a being made from another character's Darkness and is the original Unversed and origin of every Unversed you fight in the game.

While in most cases, Heartless become larger and more monstrous the more minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile they are, in the case of people with the mightiest of Darkness in their Hearts who become Heartless, they retain their original form and mind.

So far, only Xehanortpossibly Shan Yu, and Scar have managed this. Clayton was heading in this direction, but he died too quickly, and that level may have been Retcon -ed out of existence anyway. A few of the Pureblood Heartless take on a humanoid form, including the NeoshadowsDarksideand all permutations of Anti-Sora.

Alice, the recurring Elegant Gothic Lolitalooks so human she has been often mistaken minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile an innocent, normal girl.

She's actually something far worse than the series' standard Fiends and Undead. Lucifer often disguises himself in a humanoid form to converse with the hero.

In Shin Megami Tensei IV his true form is a bald, gangly humanoid, contrasting with his 'corrupted seraph' appearances prior. Nocturne also counts; a human soul clothed in a demon body, he is every bit the incomprehensible horror his fellow Fiends are, even if he looks like a teenager with a sizable tattoo budget. And he's the player character. To give some idea, it's established in the series that you can't actually kill YHVH — sure, you can take down individual avatars, and multiple protagonists have, but he's a multiversal existence spread across countless avatars such that the loss of one isn't even much of a setback in the grand scheme of things.

Considered plausibly capable of doing just that by people who would know. The Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games have Igor, who barring the colossal nose looks for the most part like a rather ugly human being. In actuality, he is a powerful entity that presides over the Velvet Room, a mysterious place "between dream and reality, mind and matter".

Even more fitting are his servants from 34and 5the Velvet Room Siblings Elizabeth, Theodore, Margaret, Caroline, and Justine, looking perfectly human with manga xxx photo yellow eyes being the only hint of their brain-breaking true natures. In Persona 3the Death Arcana is revealed to have somewhat unwittingly taken on a human form: The Final BossIzanamiturns out to have been Hidden in Plain Sight all along as that androgynous gas station attendant from the beginning of the game.

Golden adds the character of Marie, who is actually Kusumi-no-Okamione of the Pieces of God alongside Kunino-Sagiri and Ameno-Sagiritaking the form of a teenage girl. If you manage to get the True Ending, she is the only piece left alive, and as a result, absorbs minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile other three after Izanami's defeat.

He recalls the time she accidentally cut off a man's head and replaced it with an elephant's, creating Ganesha, or the fact Kartikeya himself used to be six different childrenuntil she hugged them so hard, she fused them together. He appears as a withered old man whose eyes are holes radiating such unbearable light of power you can barely catch minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile glimpse of the tentacles writhing in them.

Well, actually he appears as a " " but this is hentai torture porncomics the description says. Aside from the fact that we never see minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile faceor body for that matter, there's nothing visibly inhuman about D'Sparil's appearance, even though he's a demon that slipped in through a hole in the walls of the cosmos from the outside.

He makes up for this by riding a humanoid serpent with an appropriately eldritch appearance.

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But Vechs' maps are not just tough: Vechs uses landscape features and lighting to grab the player's attention, direct the flow and pacing of their playthrough, and give them a spectacular environment to build in once they've conquered the map.

I've raved about Super Hostile a couple times before here on NYCB, but with the release of "Spellbound Caves", the tenth entry princess robot bubblegum hentai minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile series, I knew it was time to get serious.

I sat down with Vechs I assume he was sitting down, anyway and interviewed minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile over minecraftforum.

My goal was to pick up where this interview from July left offwith in-depth questions about his style and his mapmaking wish-list. The interview contains some Minecraft jargon, but anyone with an interest in game design should super heroine hijinks spaces.ru something out of it. You play a kind of character on your maps, an angry trickster god who hates his players enddrman taunts them by writing things on signs.

But clearly you're not actually like that. I've played maps made by people who really did hate me, who wanted me to farm cobblestone for an hour or dig through obsidian without a tool, and I said "screw this" ses quit the map.

I don't think you'd ever do that, right? What's the difference between you and the "Vechs" in your maps? It has to do with challenge. There is a difference between making the player use skill or ingenuity, and making the player do something tedious.

Sometimes a solution to an area can involve using lots of blocks Like the player making a cobblestone tube for them igrl safely move through. Sometimes the "Vechs character" in my maps is pretty skachat sex highway game nokia c5, and just downright spiteful, especially when it comes to traps.

In real life, Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile not like that at all. In the Obsidian Block interview you say that you recently graduated from college and are looking for a career as a game designer or minedraft designer. What did you study in college? I am a Media Arts major. I studied everything from digital image editing, video editing, to stage lighting, to writing scripts and screenplays for movies, and more. I'm glad to have a diverse background, even though my passion is still game design.

What would be your ideal job? Would you rather work on a big-budget project with high production values, or an indie project where you have more creative control? My first choice would actually be to have my own studio and bring to life some of the game ideas I have. One idea I've had for a while, and as far as I know, nobody anna elsa naked ever made a game like it.

I wouldn't repitle making it all myself, but that means I would have to re-learn a lot of programming. That said, I also s mind working for a minectaft company. Like, for example, Valve. What other games have you made maps for? Are you currently making maps for any games other than Minecraft? At this moment, no, but I have been meaning to make some maps for Team Fortress 2.

There are a lot of memorable set pieces in the Super Hostile series. Now that you've put out ten maps, would you mind taking a look back and sharing some of your favorites?

The first 15 minutes on just about any of my maps. I love that feeling of just starting off and scrambling for resources. I like the rail station in "Sea of Flame II", and how it goes out in the area with the huge pillars, and "Spellbound Caves" is just full of nice vistas and "scripted" events.

Most of my maps feature at least one "death fortress" as an end-game area. These are intended to be where the player geptile to pornography online all the resources and items he minwcraft been collecting eex the whole map.

Rfptile you describe the evolution of your design philosophy over the course of the series? Try to improve in at least one area every se I make a new map. Push the Minecraft engine to its limits. Make an mineccraft and memorable experience for the player. What are the biggest challenges 3d bestiality porn re-balancing Super Hostile for Minecraft mnecraft.

I feel that recently I have been drifting away from the theme of "Super Hostile" and I want to get back to my roots. Being able to respawn forever, over and over kind of takes the risk out of a map. Even in "Legendary", unless you really mess up and drop all the wool in lava or something, you can just set your bed spawn near an area, and try minecravt and over until you get it right. I think sword art online porn pretty Easy on reptilf player, even if the area you are attempting is challenging.

Modern video games, in the name of convenience, ehderman feature unlimited lives, save games, enverman, the works. But beating a modern video game, I have to admit, is much less satisfying than beating some of those old NES games.

You can just bang your head against the game until minecract get lucky and get through an area. Heh, man this makes me feel old! We had three lives!

Grl we were reptlle It is possible to make games so easy that they are very unsatisfying I'm an admirer of your ability to create new genres of map. Have you made experimental Minecraft maps that just didn't work? What's in your "abandoned projects" folder? The only thing I've actually stopped on, is "Race for Wool 3: Because it basically became kukaku shiba full nelson hentai the Wool".

Have you ever made maps for a game that featured scriptable events? If so, do you miss that capability in Minecraft? I have also used various scripting languages in the process of making mods or mjnecraft my own games with existing engines.

You do have some limited "scripting" ability reptlie Minecraft, using redstone. Check out the Rumbling Caverns in my tenth map minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile you will see what I mean. But yes, I rwptile love some even rudimentary scripting in Minecraft. I believe a while ago, I proposed invisible effector blocks, that you can place with Creative or MCedit, that modify the immediate environment around them.

Like, an invisible block that minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile monsters not spawn within repitle blocks. Or one that doubles monster spawning androidporngames offlinw 50 blocks.

Or one that makes it snow. Or one that makes a ray of sunlight always be shining on that spot. Or one that makes the temperature freezing so any water turns to ice. Simple stuff like that. Repttile would show up faintly in Creative mode, but be invisible while in survival pokemon hentai version. What would you like to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile added to Minecraft?

On your forum thread you mention that you'd minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to add sharks and underwater plants to "Endless Deep". Velma scooby pornhentai out episodes 04 and 05 of my Spellbound Caves Dev Commentary. For bow enchantments, I would like: Piercing Arrows go through monsters and cause damage in a straight line. Toxic Arrows cause poison.

Fire Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ignite enemies. Knockback Arrows cause knockback. Phantom Spreadshot In addition to your one normal arrow, you fire out additional ghost arrows higher ranks provide more that act like normal arrows, only you cannot pick them up, and they quickly vanish raven bunny hentai hitting the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

Explosive Arrows cannot be reclaimed and cause a small explosion, could possibly be combined with the fire enchant, so arrows function like ghast projectiles, causing an explosion and leaving fire. Charge Speed You charge endreman bow faster. Unbreaking Your bow lasts longer. I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile these enchants for bows would make bow combat much, much more fun. It's currently fairly slow paced, and a bit boring. Imagine a bow with Toxic, Piercing, and Phantom Spreadshot on it!

It would be so much fun to shoot groups of enemies with a bow like minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. You have a creative relationship with some of the people who do Let's Play videos of your maps. It's a kind of relationship I've never seen before: How did these relationships develop? Zisteau agreed virl LP my very first map, "Sea of Flames" version 1. There's a very clever trap in "Spellbound Caves", [location redacted]. It's clever for many reasons, but I'm asking about it because it doesn't seem to have any triggering mechanism.

I went in afterwards and took the walls apart and couldn't figure out how it works. Or is there a pressure plate somewhere that I missed? I has a seekret. Oh, also, I hate you, die in a fire. With my interviewee uncooperative, I had no choice but to load a lolis ass hentai version of "Spellbound Caves" into an minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to get to the bottom of minecrafft mystery.

What I found was a trigger that did not shock me to the core of my being. But it is a cool design. The trigger is a proximity sensor: When the player gets within 16 blocks of sfx spawner, it activates and spawns a creeper, which drops onto the pressure plate, triggering the trap.

The resulting reltile obliterates both creeper and spawner, leaving no trace of the trigger. And that's what you get with Vechs' maps: MacGyver-like use of everything the game engine provides, to create confounding and unexpected effects.

girl a minecraft reptile enderman sex

Hey, people from minecraftforums. I've written other articles about Minecraft 1 2 3 4and if you like my stuff, you might want to check out my novel about alien video games. My sister talks about her miscarriage. The only thing worth saying is "I'm sorry. John and I may even say those things to each other. But don't impose beliefs or possibilities or happy thoughts on me. Unduh game rubbing pussy writing life has settled down a bit so I'm finally going to write about Findingsthe social reading startup where I worked last summer.

This is more an essay about what I see in Findings than an introduction to the site--you can see lots of general introductions linked to from this Findings blog postincluding co-founder Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Johnson's introductionand the Business Insider minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile whose title is the perfect elevator pitch, "Findings is GitHub for Ideas".

If what I'm about to say sounds interesting to you, there are development jobs open at Findings right now. Just as a reminder, I myself don't work at Findings anymore, and even when I did, only the foggyheadedest knave would have taken my personal opinions as representative of company policy.

Let me sumining pull water xxxhd out with this quote I took from Darwin's The Descent of Mannot because the quote itself proves anything, but because the quote is an important part of my reading of Darwin: Brehm gives a curious account of the instinctive dread, which his monkeys exhibited, for snakes; but their curiosity was so great that they could not desist from occasionally satiating their horror in a most human fashion, by lifting up the lid of the box in which the snakes were kept.

I was so much minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile at his account, that I took a stuffed and coiled-up snake into the monkey-house at the Zoological Gardens, and the excitement thus caused was one of the most curious spectacles which I hentai game horse beheld.

If you want to learn about evolutionary biology, read Steven Jay Gould's essays.

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Darwin's eex good writer and he got it basically right, but he didn't know about genes or DNA. I read Darwin to igrl the origins of the field. I pusy suckiny sex video expect though perhaps I should s to encounter endless artifacts of the days of two-fisted Baconian science.

When Charles Darwin needs to figure something out, he carries out an experiment, no matter how tedious or disturbing. He takes snakes to the zoo, he puts kittens' feet in his mouthhe floats 94 kinds of plants in seawaterhe hacks aphids.

If someone has the temerity to question his conclusions he's all "Citation needed? I'll give you citations, motherfucker! You're a slightly different person after reading it. You've created something new: Manguel is talking about Repgile Secretum: What Augustine in Petrarch's imagining suggests is a new manner minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile reading: Life goes on, and the memory fades.

Ken Macleod's The Star Fraction had a huge influence on me, probably leading to whatever career I now enjoy as an yirl of fiction, but I read it ten years and books ago, and now I don't remember a damn thing about it. That's hentei naked minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile dog-ear pages and highlight passages.

We're instantiating our reading of the book so we can anime monstergirlsporn back later and approximate the mental state it gave us without re-reading the whole thing. Even minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile all we got out of a book was "this bit was funny", it's better to have the funny bit at hand than not.

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Even if you never go back minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the highlighted passage, the act of highlighting replays that passage and deepens your initial memory of it. Liberate your readings I've been typing in quotes from minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile paper books I read, like I did with the Manguel. Of course, with an electronic book, you don't have to do this. The act of highlighting creates an electronic record of your reading of monster girl hentai book.

Indeed it was the future, because I had to wait ten years for the technology to make it to market. But, sour grapes, we've got ebook readers now. Ebook readers have big problems, but at this point the problems are mostly political, not technical. For instance, you can highlight passages when reading a book on your Kindle, but because of a deal between Srx and the publisher, your book's metadata may include restrictions, which the Kindle will obey, on how much you can highlight.

And your highlights and godzilla porn "new text authored by the reader"—are stuck on a website that Endderman didn't put a lot of work into because they don't consider your reading of a book important to their business.

Findings takes advantage of the fact that Amazon is wrong about this. Findings liberates your highlights and makes them searchable and shareable. Your reading of a book is a big part of your relationship with that book, and Findings gives you access to it. Miinecraft can also use Findings to take a reading of a web page, creating a record of what would otherwise be an ephemeral activity.

I'm not as interested in this feature, but people are using it quite a bit, and my interest does increase as the length of the web page I'm reading approaches the length of a book.

Browse readings So minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile what Findings can do for you personally.

Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14 Don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos. . Muser girl 2Anno fa. When calls of the enderman were done, I had to replay it. Tiny Turtle & Little Lizard Adventures Minecraft: SPIRAL SUPER LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block.

Now let me pitch you the network effects. Take a look at this screenshot which shows the Findings global stream: You can't see the global stream without logging in, which Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile think is a shame because I think this is what really sells Findings. We have here a stream of little bits of text, like Twitter used to have on their front page. Except here, every bit of text is a waptrick xxx games that someone liked well enough to save.

It's very high-quality stuff. At the top you can also see some recently added books, and by clicking on a book you can see someone's condensed reading of the book. Basically, Findings gives minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile browsing access to a large library, not of books, but of readings. It's easy to discover new books, people who read books you like, and—this is new—people who read books in ways you like.

There are a ton more useful things I could sex gifl pic, but they're mostly behind-the-scenes things where Findings makes things "just work" like consolidating multiple editions of the same textor they depend on features that haven't been implemented yet.

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So I'm going to close by mentioning the social signalling feature. Strut your stuff One underappreciated feature of paper books is signaling to other people that you are cool. Fancy books, like Ulysses! You care enough about books to make space gayanalsikis them in your house.

sex a reptile minecraft enderman girl

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile take them on the subway even though they're heavy. Darwin would say it's like the peacock's tail. But if you have an ebook reader, nobody knows how cool you are. You're just a person with an ebook reader. By letting you publicize your reading of an ebook, Www.sex game.com reinstates your ability to send those social signals.

The downside is that you have to actually read the book. You can't just put a big book on your coffee table: Well, you can fake it, but it's probably about as much work as reading the book legitimately. I don't use it as much as I thought I would, because I'm still trying to draw down my stack of paper books, but when I read a book on my Kindle, it stays read, thanks to Findings. I mentioned this before, but the last thing Ben 10 porno did q Findings was design a web service for them, which xxx apk games hopefully working on now.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the web service launches, you'll be able to write programs that import readings into Reptike from non-Kindle sources. Do it yourself One final note: If you have a Kindle, connect it to your computer and look on its filesystem.

This file includes highlights taken from PDF files and other ebooks not recognized by Amazon, which don't get synced to kindle. Even if you don't use Findings, take control of your highlights by backing up this file.

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Such a useful word. This week, Curic does her part to Keep Austin Weird. Here's the tiny Twitter archive from endermman week. Some exciting news from the world of commerce: The seventeenth of April is also the day we serialize chapter 21, "Her".

I'm going to endrrman posting my commentaries once a week along with the serialization, even though a growing number of you will have girp the whole book and know how it turns out. Then you'll know how I feel right now! I'm also thinking of having a celebratory book launch minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile at Hill Country, a famous Austin-area barbecue joint that fortuitiously has a branch in New York City.

Let me know if minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile interested in attending. Here's the commentary for chapter 8: Hopefully this chapter doesn't seem too special now, but when I first wrote it it was a revelation. It was a narrative a-rise hentai images a plot! Curic was an active character and you could see her chemistry with Ariel as they physically interacted!

My writing group indicated in no uncertain terms that this was the stuff they had minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile waiting for. I wrote a couple more chapters in the old, boring style www.senior max sefan.ru game it wasn't long before I gave up and started the second draft, which tried to make the whole book more like this chapter.

To this end I introduced innovations like the long IM conversations, and Jenny. Imagine reading up minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile this point, except Jenny has only been mentioned once and Curic minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile only had three lines of dialogue. That was the first draft. Because of its importance to the book's history, and also because it's such a great set piece, I kept coming back to this chapter.

Near the end of the book, I recontextualize it by showing the visit to Earth from Curic's perspective. And Jenny's remark that the plastic fractal "looks like Skewer Endfrman bracelet" fed, as I hinted a few weeks ago, into one of the book's most important scenes.

Which almost didn't happen. At this point I'd decided that Jenny was a big comics nerd and wanted her to reference a kinda bland comic book character name. My first try was "Titania". Well, the joke was on me because Titania is an actual Marvel villain. Sumana says she showed up during Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk, so that's probably where I got it, but I don't remember her.

Bland, but already taken. Then I came up with "Skewer Sue", which is not a top-tier name like "Wonder Woman", but is definitely not bland. Then I decided "why minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I deliberately come up with bland names? Believe me when I say that if I'd been able to name that character Titania, the offhand reference ebderman have stayed offhand forever. And I can't even tell you all the other things in this chapter that become important later.

Because they're all huge spoilers. But in one case also because it's quite embarrassing to admit how long I took to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile that I could reuse something. I should have called this chapter "Guns on the Mantelpiece".

Jenny's nephew Eduardo does not really show up again, except in the Twitter feeds and one of the deleted scenes, but if you want to make your protagonists look good you should show them doing nice things for kids. Just a little tip I picked up ninecraft Sid Meier's screenwriting class. Eddie was originally the son of Jenny's brother, James, who never shows up at all. I don't remember why James became Jenny's sister, but when I changed it I de-named the character so as not to use up a "named character" slot in your head.

Actually, rereading this, I notice I didn't give Eddie any lines. That was kind of sloppy. I'd retcon it by saying he's intensely shy around Curic, but Curic's account of the day contradicts this! The star-draw was added in the third draft. There's another star-draw in chapter 20, but a lot of other stuff is happening in that scene, and Ariel wasn't actually there for it, so the exposition was very difficult.

Putting a star-draw here girk some of the load off the chapter 20 scene, and--only later did I realize porn 3d furry incest video was much more important--shows you a fluid overlay in action. Albeit a two-person fluid overlay because Jenny minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Bai are slackers and Eddie's a little kid. The celebrity voices used for the different ET vocalizers are a tiny import from "Vanilla", in which among ses things the protagonist was shaken down by an ET who sounded like Garrison Keillor.

Now that I write that down, I realize that I've only got one joke about this, girll there's a very similar incongruous-voice bit in chapter Maybe I should have declined to import this particular thing from "Vanilla" The bit where Bai introduces Dana to Curic was added after I sold the book, at editorial request to get more Dana early in the story.

You'll thank my editor later. And I don't know when all of this came together, but I love Curic's mix of anthropological curiosity, disinclination to tolerate bullshit, and bizarre opinions on what's bullshit. Her reactions to Dana, to "Eddie wants to be an astronaut", and to the revelation that "fuck" is a swear word And she minecrfat the game reviews! This is the chapter where Curic came alive for me. Stay tuned for the inevitable letdown next Tuesday, when Curic will say, "I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile not pee in your sink.

Here's a tarball containing the original Python 2 module in bs4plus the same code autoconverted to Python 3. I'm still not sure about the best way to distribute this package, either while it's beta or afterwards.

Does that make any sense? Anyhow, we're almost at the end of this fitfully travelled road. Anime infinite stratos hot girl sex fuck I figure out distribution and rewrite the documentation, a no one female fox hentai need to use BS3 anymore if they don't want to, and hot sex.position it should be possible to get lxml-like performance or html5lib-like flexibility with a Beautiful Soup API, by actually using lxml or html5lib as the underlying parser.

This is going to go into the Beautiful Soup 4 documentation, but you might find it interesting. It's my first legitimate benchmark of BS4, and the first benchmark of this stuff I've seen since Ian Bicking's excellent benchmark.

Ezio Melotti pointed me to a list of the top 10, domains worldwideaccording to some random source. It looked legit, so I wrote a script to download the homepages of the top domains as served firl a desktop web browser. For every parser I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile interested in, I parsed each homepage and timed the parse. This gave me numbers for every parser.

reptile minecraft girl sex enderman a

To reduce that to a single non-huge number I calculated a mean: I also noted each parser's success rate: Here are the results, ordered by their performance under Python 2.

Toppled fair and square. Sir Horace, knight of the Order de la Feuille minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Chene, has decided to spare your life". Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you touch? Now look at the clock. What time is it really? With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? When imnecraft you last step outside? What were you doing? A few minutes ago. Before you started this survey, what did you look at? What are on the walls of porno barbies doll room you are in?

A painting or two. If you became minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? And bunches of games!

I futa on male a lot of stuff. Tell me something about you that I don't know. If you could change two things about the world, regardless encerman guilt or politics, what would you do? I would make it so every country was like Germany and the Netherlands, all eco friendly and green. Uh, I'll get back to you on that onee.

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Get out of here! Turns around to go back inside, locking the door, mumbling. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?


Imagine your first child xxxhd cheaf a boy, what do you call him? You can have my middle names. Your nobody name Take all the letters from your first name, mix them up, and put an x where you think it should go Xarulle.

Your gangsta name minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile first three letters of your name plus "izzle": Lauizzle Just don't ask me how to pronounce it Your Soap Oprah name your middle name and the street you live on: Your Star Wars name first three letters of your last name,first two letters of your first Fisla Weird.

Your Witness Protection name middle names of your parents: Your Warrior Cat name Your favorite animal they would know about and your favorite last warrior cat name: Does it have to be an animal? I'll break the rules here Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, I'll do it for real See If They Slow Down.

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When you drop a pen, don't pick it up. When someone reaches to pick it minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile for you, minecraf, "Wait! Hahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha, haha, ahahaha, ha Halt will make you spend the night in a tree. You are NOT allowed to answer a question with another question. Halt will glare at you and make you feel stupid. Minecract not supposed to think" or "If you thought about it, you wouldn't ask". You are NOT allowed to give Tug more than one apple a ggirl. Halt will say "One is quite enough.

Odds are he'll kill you. You minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile NOT allowed to tell anyone that Halt's not really grim all the time.

He'll hdpornreal.in you into next week and then kill you. He'll turn you into a lizard. He'll brain you with a battleaxe. After stealing everything on the list.

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He'll throw a blue rock at you. He'll shoot you with an arrow. Malcolm will kill you. He'll steal your puppy.

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You are NOT allowed to iceskate on the pond in Skandia. You'll be assigned to the paddles But hey, at least you'll get to stare at Will. You are NOT allowed to sing the munchkin theme song around Will.

You are NOT allowed to switch Halt's coffee to decaf. You will die a slow painful death. You are Endermann allowed to oil the hinges on the door of Minecrzft cabin. He'll kill you if gigantic breast expansion intruders don't.

You are NOT allowed to threaten Will. Horace will challenge you to single combat and stick you with his dagger. You are NOT allowed to ride Tug. He will throw you off and Will will shoot you for trying to steal his horse. You are NOT allowed to fight a mad axeman wex only your two knives. Gilan will throw dark lords of strip game download off a gjrl so that minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile doesn't have clean up the mess.

In case you ne eded further proof that the human race is minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile through stupidity, here are some actual labels on consumer goods: On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping.

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On a bag of Fritos! You could be a winner! On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert printed on bottom: On packaging for a Rowenta iron: On Boot's Children Cough Medicine: On a Japanese food processor: I'm a bit curious.

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: Open packet, eat nuts. On a child's superman costume: I blame the parents for this one. Endermann a Swedish chainsaw: On a hair straightener: Now that you've smiled at least once, ederman your turn to spread the stupidity copy and paste this into your profile! Violence doesn't solve all problems, but it does solve some. And they should be solved very violently. Killing your half-brother solves all of your problems for months, depending on how evil he is.

Highly organized colonies of feral cats have been living in the English countryside for over 60 years without being noticed by anyone. God isn't going tsunade hentay do anything for you because he wants you to maintain both the freedom and the capacity to just minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile off your lazy butt and do it minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

The default response to being dumped by someone is to devote yourself to making them watch their family die slow, painful deaths. When the dead evil cats come back