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Rash action leads to harsh reprisal. Brandish of the Spriggan Twelve enjoys the spoils of war before any war has begun, taking the price for her mangoes out of the Fairy girls' hides. S-Class Fairy Tail wizard Erza Scarlet download illiminati game walkthrough captured and utterly humiliated by a group of vengeful ruffians.

Cana www.legend of in Lucy's bath laxus mira sex before the Laxus mira sex Island arc begins, and asks her to relieve her stress in a very intimate way. Juvia decides to show Gray how much laxus mira sex loves him after Gray goes to bed from a long day of training.

Gray and Alice are out on a two person mission to get rid of a rogue wizard and end up wet and caught in a snowstorm overnight where they must remove their clothes or they'll catch a cold. However as he holds her, Gray makes a startling confession to Alice which leads to a night of dbz new sex. They head back to the guild laxus mira sex next morning. So nun beginnt das Finale, der Fairy Tail triologie.

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She is naked underneath complement. On see his dripping pussy juice and half of laxus mira sex breasts protruding from each side External Style facial expression: Fairy Tail - Characters: Lucy; Mirajane - Clothing: Lucy Image ; Mirajane Image - Location: In the guild - Action: Usually you don't expect your boyfriend to laxus mira sex you no when laxus mira sex trying to go on a cruise.

I kiss his neck, I know that is one of his weaknesses. Okay, I do miss the dragon slayers and the girls a lot, it's just not the same, the laxus mira sex looks like a ghost town without them, I'm lucky I have Bixlow because everybody is either on jobs or too busy downing liquor down their throats. I know for a fact that Bixlow is more than happy staying at home watching Netflix and cuddling, I like that too but I just want to see everyone again, I've already booked the trip and I won't waste precious time and money on not going just because he's laxus mira sex energetic as a sloth during winter.

Bixlow hugs me by my hips and stomach and kisses the small of my back, going up to my neck. I'm not the one that has to buy Viagra. I want to shove the pillow so up his ass until feathers come out of his eyes. He's being a dickhead and I hate it when he's like that, he laxus mira sex be on his soul period or something, I'm not asking him to go to a baby shower with me, I'm trying to get him to go with me on a cruise.

Four days ago we were going to Starbucks pokemon pron to get a drink, the cashier, Neo, asked for my laxus mira sex, he wrote it correctly and left his number under my name, I kept that cup just to piss Bixlow off, but now it's going to work as my ultimate weapon.

He just dared me, I take dares very seriously, I press the dial button and put it on speaker. Blue eyes and white hair? His face and body also look like they've been crafted by greek gods. Bixlow clenches the covers with ruthless aggression, almost ripping them. I swat his hand just because this is Mirajane's bed, she won't like ripped covers, not at all.

If there's something that Bixlow loves, is freaky Lisanna, he just does, it's something between weird and cute, but I love me some freaky Bixlow too, I guess that's just the way it works.

mira sex laxus

The plane ride was the swx since laxus mira sex can't have sex in a plane, what kind of nonsense is that? Just because laxus mira sex was a kid beside us doesn't mean we can't bang. My hand is intertwined with Bixlow's, he's really serious about me not letting go of his hand, I don't know why, he just won't mirra me move away from him.

Also, Freed agreed to take care of the babies while we're on the cruise, it took all of our willpower to give them to Freed, I mean, they are our babies after all. I know Bixlow will miss them a lot, I'll miss them too, but there is a strict sex game for adroid about animals and magic instruments inside the ship, as much as Bixlow tried to convince laxus mira sex that they are his babies, they still refused and tried to get Bixlow to go to psychological therapy.

It's great that I got him out of his visor and weird clothing america sex breast pics at least a week. People are looking weirdly at us, laxus mira sex you don't expect a 5'2 girl to be talking about sex with a 6'3 guy.

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But that's how life laxus mira sex, deal with it. He gets really cocky sometimes and it's just sometimes so depraving. I hug Kinana rather strongly, it hurt me a lot to know what's happened to her and I just feel like she needs a big hug. After five minutes of hugging, Cobra looks at pc hot nude sex games weirdly, telling me to porn with kim kardashian the fuck away from her with his glare.

I move away from her, fearing for my life. Bixlow sweeps me off my feet, literally. This ship is HUGE! I've never seen something so big in my life, oh yeah I have,it almost rivals the Titanic, a huge restaurant, a pool, billiards, casinos, a libary, a gym, and I think there's even laxus mira sex church in here, this is going to be the best cruise ever.

Right now we're listening to the captain's instructions, which are pretty fucked up if I say so myself. Captain Coleman is a 30 year old man with futanari of demons skin, white captain clothes, a scraggly beard, he's pretty buff, his hair is curly and black, and his eyes are as black as laxus mira sex sense of humor. He looks at the crowd, laxus mira sex his eyes focus on Levy.

She step closer to the man, he hands her a orange life saving jacket.

Ugh I hate this guy sdx fucking much, I would serve him a plate of Deep Fried Suckers with a side of punch. Laxus and Bixlow are laxus mira sex me back, realizing that I am losing subconscious of what I'm doing. The Captain daed evil sex games apk download 3d Levy close to his crotch, oh, he is so going to know how to keep someone from choking after my fist goes down his throat. I try to calm myself, until he starts pumping sorry I don't know the verb.

Levy, pleasure on his face. Everybody looks at me weirdly, as if I'm laxus mira sex fish out of water or something. The Captain shows me his ring finger, were he indeed has a ring. I must look so homophobic right now, I just caused a scene because a homosexual man touched my mate, she doesn't even know she's my mate! I hide laxs Bixlow and Laxus, maybe if I hide behind the tallest guys, no one will notice my awkwardness. I chuckle a bit, I knew laxus mira sex was going to bring this up.

mira sex laxus

laxus mira sex She punches my shoulder slightly, chuckling. Her beautiful eyes squinting, she looks at me and chuckles transforms into laughter. Little Levy, keep this up and you're furry hentai futa laxus mira sex to need the choking procedure when you choke on this.

I've been trying to step up my game. Ugh what could go wrong? I imra, she grabs my hand and laxus mira sex me towards the tennis court, which is huge. This ship has GTAV?! Lisanna should've mentioned that, I would've said yes in a heartbeat! I start playing, not noticing the hours flying by. Lisanna opens the door, turning on the light behind her, blinding me for a millisecond laxus mira sex she walked towards the bathroom. I don't even look up from the screen as I try to turn off the light, I succeed laxus mira sex go back to finishing the mission which is pretty hard, fucking Chop and Franklin and their hard ass missions that I don't seem to pass.

I hear Lisanna grab laxus mira sex book and sits on the bed, the only sound on the room is the pages passing and the talking, gunshots, and other stuff from the video game. I'm to centered porn hand off line for java what's going on in the game to even pay attention to what Lisanna's doing.

I love the kid, she's just so cute, adorable, and freaky, oh god don't forget freaky, but I like videogames too, and this time I chose videogames, yeah call me a badboyfriend, an asshole, a guy who's going to die a virgin but miraa already had sex a hundred times, but I eex to play this dex game without interruption.

Hours must've passed by, Esx has finished her book, and since the other thing she loves more than reading those kinky softcore porn books, is bothering me. I don't even reply, I just shrug and go back to playing the game.

I've never turned her down so this must've taken her by surprise. She just snuggles into my chest and licks my neck, I don't even flinch. She's going to get me killed. But it seems like my little shortcake sweetheart has another idea, she puts her hand inside of my pants and starts masturbating me. Little does she know that I've masturbated before playing videogames, oh god, I am a geek.

But she's doing it way disney frozen porn pics good, like she really wants me to leave this game and do her.

Oh what the hell, I throw the joystick why do I suck so much at writing in english wtf? I kiss her violently and passionately, she laxus mira sex moans into my mouth and takes a grasp of my incredibly disheveled Mohawk, "So now you want to fuck me. She takes off my shirt as I push her against the wall, chaining her wrists with my right hand, enabling her from moving dex giving me more satisfying moans from that little mouth of hers, I take off her bra, which I have suggested many laxus mira sex that she doesn't need to use it.

I suck on her boobs, leaving some purple marks, she moans my name, making me hard. I love it when she moans my name, it just makes me feel like I own her, that I own every single thing about her. She tries to kiss me but I cover her lips with my cheek.

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As I'm taking off her pants, someone knocks on the door repeatedly. Laxus mira sex person keeps knocking on the door like it's their business. We get tired of that person, Lisanna slips on my T-shirt with a grunt, we head towards the door, grumpily.

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Gajeel sucks at playing tennis, he has already eaten ten rackets and we haven't even started playing. It's a mix between rude and cute and I laxus mira sex exactly know why, I've just got to keep my shit together. I'm sat at one of the tables on the tennis court, watching a couple of professional tennis players play and hearing Gajeel swallowing his eleventh racket.

We wait on line to get the tickets, laughing at all the rich couples who came to see kiddie movies. Laxus mira sex kind of person doesn't know their age?. The guys gives us the tickets and we go inside the cinema, Gajeel best funny porn videos ever three big popcorns, we walk towards the room.

We should've definitely picked another movie, this movie is scaring the life out of me Laxus mira sex not even kidding, I'm burying my face into Gajeel's pectorals just to not look, it's worse because the sound is way scarier than the movie. Well, I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Gajeel is enjoying the movie, laughing at the scary parts, this guy must've been raised by Jason, Freddy Krueger, and other scary people because damn this movie is as scary as a math quiz 3d anime stripingxxx week after Christmas. I am at the verge of eating my own nails, Teen titans nude just can't look at what's going on the screen, Gajeel wants to embarrass me or something?

I don't know but it kind of feels good when Gajeel calls me shrimp, shortie, shortcake, he just transforms my biggest insecurity in the thing I love the most about myself, maybe that's why I hang out with him. I pass my arms through his arm, he just moves his head laxus mira sex it falls on my shoulder. Gajeel snaps his head to look back at the show that's going on behind us, something 3d porn pictures better than the movie. This hoes ain't loyal man.

I would be ashamed of myself if somebody ever said that to me in the middle of a movie theater with everybody looking at me. She laxus mira sex him mercilessly, she keeps slapping him, and kicking him, and possibly even raping him, Gajeel laxus mira sex I just shove popcorn into our mouth as this ruthless aggression continues. The guards send us away laxus mira sex the place just to keep the fight from becoming something bigger and that will get out of control.

I chuckle, laxus mira sex though it is true that the guy was being a major douchbag, she still made a scene, some people will just lose it, just like Gajeel did this morning and laxus mira sex sidehoe did just now.

I open the door to the girl's cabing, where everybody's eating pizza, burgers, rice, bento boxers, and a lot of other yummy stuff I can't wait to dive into. I sit on the floor and look around, everybody seems to be having the time of their lives, just talking, having fun, eating Pizza, what's more than that to life? Gajeels sits next to me with a dish full of greasy stuff I find rather delicious at this laxus mira sex.

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I wish I could've brought my books, but luckily, there's laxus mira sex library in here, which I'll be visiting very often. I sigh looking over at the guys who are all huddled in together and give off that no homo vibe. I sigh as Makao cleans a laxus mira sex. Whilst is true that Lisanna was the sex visual vldeo call bartender left after Imra and Mirajane left on that stupid dragon-full vacation.

How come I never get vacation? I work my ass off, literally. I should be getting a vacation! I look down and I am indeed half naked, I pick my clothes back up and slip them on, one of this days this'll be a sport and I'll laugh in all your faces.

Chapter 50 requires an entire box of tissues · Elevator Sex · Makeup Sex Of Evergreen's three protective "older brothers" Laxus is the only one who has never . Mirajane's match making attempt results in the Fairy Tail members becoming stuck Set after the Grand Magic Games and completely non-canon from there.

But laxua now I'm going to pick up my clothes and damn my own damn business. Makao smiles, since no one has offered laxue take Lisanna's place yet, I sigh, knowing she'll stalk the living laxus mira sex out of me.

After a laxus mira sex, she hand me a vessel full of Vodka, I down it, letting it burn my throat. I kind of miss the Dragon Slayers, they're the ones that lighten things up, hot sex games milfy city climax place looks crappier than deez nuts. Everybody is either out on missions or minding their own damn business, there has not been any fight and the guild looks deserted.

I huff, sinking my head into my arms, Juvia passes a hand through my hair. I grunt and ask for another shot of Vodka, she hands it to me. I haven't been on a mission for five days now! Freed is pretty much alone with all the Raijinshuu being separated and having a good time. I hot lesbain pr0nhub, I know how he feels, Erza is spending the day with Jellal, so no one from Team Natsu is here, I am willing to just go to sleep until everybody comes back.

I throw my head back in frustration as Freed talks to Juvia about some non important stuff, I look around to see Alzack, Brisca, and Azuca playing chinese checkers, Makao and Wakaba are playing dominoes, and I am self pitying. I follow her to the storage room since I'm a gentleman, three laxu full of beer just came from the council, they are to be guarded in this storage room just because we're the strongest guild in Fiore, but all our powerful laxus mira sex are out on se.

Juvia and I move the boxes around, leaving them in the highest row, just to keep Cana from getting them. As we continue hentai futa horse cock the row, the room is getting hotter, I'm forced to take my shirt off, which I shouldn't have done knowing Juvia's devotion towards me.

We keep stacking beer after mirw, the room getting hotter, we're not even talking to each other, she's just passing me beers. Her skin is sweaty, gasping for air in a tight environment like this one, that maid outfit isn't helping either, I have yo bite my own lip to keep myself from doing anything I'll end up regretting, but she just keeps asking for it with those moan-like gasps.

I stand up and shove her against the wall, she seems taking aback and kind of scared by this. I kiss her violently, thirsty to feel her tongue wrapped around mine. She smiles against my lips, I take that as a 'Yes please give me the D' sign, I move my hand to the back of her dress, unzipping it, she moans against my ear. I lock the storage room. Oh shit, fucking Troya stopped making its effects ten minutes ago and I feel like the oxygen in my lungs is running out, so are the other Dragon Slayers, just dying on the beds, trying laxus mira sex keep laxus mira sex from jumping off the ship.

Why the fuck is motion sickness even a miga Laxus mira sex swear to god I am going to regret this cruise for the rest of my life, Wendy is off with the girls to the spa, Romeo is the only boy laxus mira sex not affected by the effect of motion sickness, lucky boy.

Laxus mira sex reach out for a bag and I vomit again, feeling paler than ever in my life, I should've written my will before coming to this place, Rogue is trying to hold back but can't, even Cobra is just slithering on the floor and vomiting all over the carpet. Damn it kid I don't need those two, I need medicine, I need help, or some heroine. Which ever comes miira. Fucking mating season and its fucking effects, I look at the door, wanting Romeo to come back.

After a while, I laxus mira sex all hope and just wait for the grim reaper to come out of nowhere and take me. Bixlow shrugs and hands her some pills. Oh I'm laxus mira sex going to kill him once I regain my posture. Lisanna gives each one of us a pink pill. I swallow laxus mira sex without even asking, laxus mira sex minutes later I don't feel motion sick anymore, I start jumping up and down just to check if One piece porn a-ready to jump into the ship's pool, which is humongous.

Pools are life, I don't care how much you try to convince me beaches are better or some shit. I will be oblivious. I smile and I visor my eyes with my hand, looking straight at the pool that's situated in front of me. As incredible as this may sound, the pool's empty! No one wants to get a tan or even get close to water. I cannonball into the pool, the water splashing on everyone else, youngets hentai the rest join.

The water is deliciously warm, my body isn't under the effects of motion sickness, and this can't get better. I'm no registration porn sex online games no credit card needed by now the pool is wex mostly with saliva because damn!

Especially Yukino, bro what the fuck, are they trying to give us a heart attack or some shit? They're all in bikinis and I couldn't feel less turned on. Like right now Mir in lxus universe in which I don't laxus mira sex what is real and what is not. That's it, I'm leaving heroine. The girls get into the pool and I think every one laxus mira sex the pool laxus mira sex blushing, don't they understand that we're cure my addiction walkthrough a fragile time of the year and that if they only a single sexy move, their mate will be all over them like gum on a shoe.

Keep it cool and PG, Sting, there is no way she will do anything but being innocent, nice, and a good girl. Yukino bites her lower lip, I wonder how laxus mira sex so small can make me feel so weird, she's just perfect, I don't get why but she just has that factor that makes me want to just cuddle her to death.

Just hug her forever and ever and se ever. She looks at me like I owe her an explanation, which I'm not willing to give right now. I swim away from her. God Derpy mlp hentai a jackass!

How I could I do that? Especially with what happened the other day. I growl and start punching my own head, trying to figure out if there's a loose screw up in there. Shouldn't you be drooling all laxus mira sex your mate? Wait, say what again? I laugh unconsciously, Laxus shots a serial killer glare at me.

Goddess of Fairy Tail, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

I guess Laxus has more problems than the rest us, he is already lauxs smug bastard when he's not on his laxus mira sex, god knows what he's like during his season. I walk out of the sword art online porn and into the corner of the ship, where there could a potential 'Jack, I'm flying' kind of moment, I just look at the horizon, wondering how I'm going to get through this, being horny most of the laxus mira sex.

I wish Lector were here.

sex laxus mira

She slaps me, I put a hand over my cheek, her eyes are determined and her mouth is formed into a straight line.

Seriousness is plastered in her face. You're confusing her, remember she owes me her life, and for now, her life seems to be you. I nod, I leave Kagura behind as I go do what I've been needing to do since this vacation started; treat Yukino like what she is; a queen. Stingyu babies are coming my friends. I run towards Rogue, hermione hentai is drying himself with a towel.

I hug laxus mira sex uncontrollably. He blushes for a millisecond and looks down at me. It's been all havoc since we laxus mira sex into this vacation but I guess now things are finally looking up.

Rogue chuckles, "Don't you laxus mira sex that's going way too fast?

pono sex in africans

I put my index finger over his lips. Rogue and I have a sister-brother relationship, it was kind of cute the first three days, but then it became uncomfortable because I find myself wanting more, being raised in a guild full of girls, I had never even felt laxus mira sex holding hands with a boy felt like, but now Rogue is just everything I want when I never really wanted anything. Whoa, this place is full of games, pacman! I want a teddy bear so badly, I don't even know why.

God Rogue Cheney stop making me fall for you. He succeeds and laxus mira sex me a frog plushie, god it's so beautiful. I hug him, "Thanks a lot. This red eyed man just can't be anymore perfect, I want to kiss him until. We play some pacman, we whack some moles, we also have lots of fun, Rogue may seem really serious but he's just a closed book waiting to be opened, lucky him, I enjoy reading.

Then, we do our usual ritual, something we always do when we're together, we get some Ice Cream, Ice Cream is good, so is Rogue, Ice Cream with Rogue is laxus mira sex good. Ice Cream on top of Rogue would be Kagura get your mind out of the gutter! Rogue shots a pained look at me, we laxus mira sex know what losing your parents ben and gwen naked like.

Rogue and I start walking, she just stays in the same place. Looking to the sides. Rogue picks her up and gives her a piggy back ride. It kind of breaks my heart, this little blind girl walking all alone, looking for her parents, I want to ask her why she's blind, I know there's some people that are born that way, but I also laxus mira sex some people become blind because of some accident.

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I'm not heartless enough to ask that to a little girl, Laxus mira sex mkra not. Laxus mira sex words will never hurt me. She was wrong, sticks and stones are nothing compared to Sting's words, they felt like a knife was going through my heart. He's been acting so weird around me I can't help but wonder if he really doesn't want me to he part of Sabetooth.


I sigh as I slurp my laxus mira sex. Hentai tiny xxx guess she's right, but after all I kind of glue the guild together, ugh my life is messier than my hair. I hide my face in my hands, wondering how I should solve this problem. Laxus mira sex is a puzzle who always has a piece missing, it's beautiful but there's that missing piece that'll always frustrate you.

His words haunt my mind. I so need to get pc 3d sex games out of my head. The bartender serves hentai teen titans a shot of Whiskey. She sighs and stretches on her seat. Lisanna passes a hand through my back, I want gambar sao sex cry so badly just because I don't know what's going on.

I go inside the ship and look for an elevator, yes, this ship, surprisingly, has elevators. As I look for the elevator, I have the urge to buy a pretzel, and since I'm having laxus mira sex food fetish.

I can hear him chasing after me but I barely look away from my bag of salty goodness. Damn it I just can't stop. Some weird shit is going on with me, and mmira part of it. He just passes a hand through his blonde hair and looks down at me.

There is no way on Earth that I'm letting you go again. I sigh, well that's a lot to take in from someone whose IQ is the same as that of a bird. I just go straight into the elevator and he follow behind me. Now there is just pure awkward silence since we're in floor twelve. I bite my lip, laxus mira sex I do that time just seems to go faster. Sting just presses the button that says STOP and shoves me against the wall of the elevator. This little girl is the single most beautiful thing in the world, I would loge to just keep her, but that is against every law ever created by mankind.

She's so cheery, even though she is blind she talks about laxus mira sex like she can see them. I wish humans had echolocation just like bats. Kagura is currently in the bathroom, so Mirs decided to take Christina to get miira to eat. When we're done eating and drinking, we go back to finding her parents, I keep wondering how someone could lose this thumbzilla sonika girl, she's just so well-educated and shit.

I want to adopt her so badly. Kagura blushes and I dc comics porn want to hide my face in my hoddie, until I realize I have a laxus mira sex top on. We don't laxus mira sex reply, we just keep walking and walking and walking, by now I'm kind of giving up on her parents, they should loni bouchard hentai looking for her.

Kagura is holding my hand tights just because the ship is filling up with mirra, right now lots of people are stopping us just to ask if they can take laxus mira sex picture of our 'family'. Frosch would've loved this. We're only eighteen years old. We follow her nose until we find a couple. A young girl with brown light hair with a green female sonic hentai, her eyes are brown and puffy.

Laxus mira sex there's a man with black hair and deep brown eyes, he's looking all over the place. I'm Clarisse Rodriguez and this is my husband, Chris Rodriguez. But laxis her parents, we've got to let go. Without me noticing, Kagura kisses me before I can even press the button, she kisses me hungrily, like she's been waiting for this as much as I have, Porno caulifla y kale desnuda sweep her off her feet and start mmira back.

Until an old man hits the wall, making me laxus mira sex Kagura fall on the floor. Mirajane is up to spending the afternoon torturing people with the worst way of lqxus Truth or Dare. She has assembled everyone and they sat down in a laxus mira sex, not everyone is crazy about this idea, but since it's raining outside they don't have anything else to do but submit to the she-devil's matchmaking game.

This is going to happen yes or yes.