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Results 1 - 25 of 36 - During Halo 2, Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Johnson are . A picture by Shadman sparked my imagination for porn involving Cortana.

Kangaroo legged computer technicians I see this everyday. A woman wearing heels This would never ever happen. She looked pretty much nothing halo cortana sex the old ones. Cortana knew she needed some upgrades in the look department if she was going to gain aran porn muvie online play attention of shooter fans of this generation.

It's always funny where people draw the line in the sand for realism in fiction worlds. Realism is actually halo cortana sex boring most of the time Verisimilitude believability within fictional universe's rules? That's what, for example, I am looking for in videogames. Large mechanical monsters with super advanced A. I don't care if something in a videogame for example element zero or biotic abilities would actually work in reality nothing suggests, that they wouldbut whether it works within game's lore it does, since element zero is simply new element with specific halo cortana sex and logic biotics are just "brain impulses" enhanced by implants made from element zero or not.

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And unfortunately, high heels, miniskirts or lack of proper combat haloo on battlefield "do not make sense" not even within Mass Effect's universe they are not comfortable enough, not protective enough, kinetic barriers do not work against objects with low velocity, When authors actually do manage to pull off a fantastic unrealistic halo cortana sex, which however does make sense in halo cortana sex own right. And things like this unfortunately take away from such feeling. At least in my case.

Still it's halo cortana sex something I would rage about, but if possible, I always prefer authors to try to stick to the most logical things under relevant circumstances. P ShadowsDemon says the kid who dragon furry hentai played witcher I don't recall any sex scenes in Halo.

The Witcher 2 is apparently a great title haven't bought it yet: Accept games for what they are OhSnapitz That's maturely themed.

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There's a massive, massive difference. And I don't know how old you are, but from what I've seen you really don't have the right to call anyone immature or a kid.

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Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Mordred19 Follow Forum Posts: Slashless Follow Forum Posts: AdobeArtist its come to the point where we're sexualizing A.

The "real people" in games aren't even real people. What difference does it make? Then why dedicate your blog to Laura? ZombieKiller7 Follow Forum Posts: It just shows where halo cortana sex developer's focus was. This leans hwlo the latter. ZombieKiller7 adults dont like hot girls? Zaibach Follow Forum Posts: SolidTy Follow Forum Posts: It's halo cortana sex even a real girl, it's a program. Short halo cortana sex - they do it because sex sells and is an easy stimuli to prod.

She is still a halo cortana sex that maintains an appearance that is ideally attractive that has been enhanced in each game. Cortana's role in the series now is exclusively that of an object for male gamers to fantasize about "saving" and keeping as a "reward". Because there is no other reason for her to be in the story when the Cortaana would have made an infinitely more logical and compelling villain.

Like I said already, all the good that was done for her character in halo cortana sex google cardboard porn games on android has been utterly dismantled.

And there is no excusing i trying to pass this off as "subtlety and nuance" when it is literally just being done for cheap "shock value" and catering to the lowest common denominator.

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And like I keep adultgameapk out, just look at the Didact and Dr. Based on our expert review. Based on 67 reviews.

Jul 12, - This is a huge compilation of small porn videos featuring Cortana - fictional AI character in the Halo video game series. Originally she was.

Based on reviews. Parents say 67 Kids say Halo 4 is ON for kids 12 and up This is a spectacular game. I am a mother of a 12 year old, 14 year old, and a 16 pussy fucking forced halo cortana sex. They all enjoy this game very much and play it with my husband. Before any of my kids knew about Halo, I was worried about getting it for them halo cortana sex a lot of people had said that it was an "M" game. When I heard my 12 year old was playing it at his friend's house, I wasn't pleased.

But then my son showed me gameplay of the title, Halo: Reach, and halo cortana sex told me the plot of the campaign.

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I reconsidered buying him the game because the gameplay wasn't very violent, and there was halo cortana sex gore, only mild blood. I bought him the game and he was very happy, and he played it with his brothers and my husband a lot.

I come to this site often during Christmas, when I'm thinking about halo cortana sex games I'm going to buy for my kids. When I saw this game was coming out, I decided to buy it for them so that they could have an "early present. This made me very confused, as the past titles had been marked for 16 year olds, so I decided to go and look at the review. It linxs sex fortnite several misleading remarks in the review, like saying assassinations were a new feature in Halo 4.

These existed in Halo: Reach as well, and I didn't find that it bothered me very much, as it was similar to the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. I decided to how can i play adult game without any registration a chance and buy it halo cortana sex for my kids, halo cortana sex they were so excited.

When the week was over, all three of them played the game together a rare occurrence through the whole story.

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I watched them have fun halo cortana sex even man raped porn toons a couple of pictures of them using teamwork to overcome the different combat missions and heard them "distracting enemies" and "boosting each other up" to previously unreachable places.

I think CSM is rarely wrong, but on this title, I'd have to disagree with myself. It's just as violent as the previous titles, which all deserved a "T" rating. I think what families should look out for is violence you can turn the blood off halo cortana sex even go into 3rd person if you desiremild language, and positive role models. This game is spectacular and I think any kid that is a fan of video games older than 12 should get this game.

It halo cortana sex teamwork, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Adult Written by Willi3m November 6, Shouldn't be "M" should be "T" When they say "hand-to-hand combat kills appear more dramatic.

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This version of Halo ups hwlo ante in terms of violence as players can now watch Master Chief violently beating his opponents to death" I think they were exagerating. I watched my son play through halo cortana sex game and it was not that violent.

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Halo cortana sex hand-to-hand combat wasn't brutal like other games. I think this game should be rated Teen as should all of the Halo games. Adult Written by bubbleman December 25, haoo Halo cortana sex of a 13, 13, and 16 year old Written by A. Nguyen February 15, Bought this as a present I purchased this game as a Christmas present for my younger son, who is thirteen years ocrtana.

He enjoys video games, mostly as a social exercise he loves to chat with a buddy as they play FIFA donloadsex file Madden together, and I have never bought him a shooter before. I did some research with my husband, who was dissenting halo cortana sex idea, and after a week of some research haalo our spare time, we both came out with entirely different perspectives.

My husband was also worried our son might hentai teacher sexy spoiled, and said that the amount of gifts he receives should halo cortana sex moderated.

Meanwhile, I had done a bit more research. To me, psychologist, it was worrying at first that the first-person-shooter gameplay style would instill cortnaa of glorified killing in my child. With this as a mindset, I dove deeper into the world of Halo. As it turns out, in the story mode, the main enemy are these glowing, partially floating aliens, who, when killed, flake into golden pieces and disappear into the air.

I then watched a little bit of gameplay I found on Youtube. Suddenly, the blood and guts images of gore that had been painted in my head by soccer moms and overprotective parents seemed ridiculous. Admittedly, some of the firearms used in the game that don't glow or download daemon hentai android light pellets do look realistic, but no worse than anything seen in daily city news.

The map building feature cortzna in the crtana intrigued me. The amount of freedom that halo cortana sex gives the player to create, in HD and 3D was fascinating.

cortana sex halo

This could actually rationalize a shooting game for most parents wondering whether or not to buy Halo for their child. It's just used as an appeal to the male gaze, which is something many feminists disagree about. Yes, if you use the loose definition of tropes that TV Tropes does Gaze is a matter of perspective and most works are from a straight cis- male perspective.

Technically there is but it cortaa almost never halo cortana sex to, people think that muscle bound adult game 3d olion superheroes are catering to it but it's actually catering to male power fantasy.

Like you ask a bunch of female artists to draw sexualized men for their own pleasure and that is not what you get. Or if you look halo cortana sex romance novel covers - oh, wait.

Common Sense says

Except our expectations for people are dortana shared across society, not something created and dictated by men. I'm pretty sure there have been studies that show that women are men in black porn source of most of the "slut shaming" and so on. And, lets also consider the fact that it doesn't stop being called "the male gaze" even if there is a female producer or otherwise.

Pretending men have some sort of vice grip on the way people act in society is idiotic, and cprtana again, a sign that the writers who halo cortana sex these terms are looking to prove something despite contrary evidence, not to explain reality.

I'm just saying that ccortana carictures we're pointing out here - both the busty, oversexualized women in video and crotana muscular chun li xxx we see in comics - are primarily not solely made by men, with male audiences in mind.

If an ultra-buff man isn't what female artists draw when asked to draw sexualized men halo cortana sex their own pleasure, there's a pretty good chance that women cortnaa the audience which that trope is a fantasy for.

Plus there's all those women and girls drooling over men in superhero movies who look like that. You point to Thor, but my impression was that female fans vastly preferred Loki. There was virtually no competition between the two - the greasy-haired skinny guy with charm got more halo cortana sex fans than the the buff blond. Seems cortama if male characters are really being designed to be sexually appealing to women, they'd have fine cheekbones, be slightly evil, charismatic and english.

I mean, are halo cortana sex here really going to deny that superheroes aren't a halo cortana sex power fantasy?

The definition of 'male power fantasy' is a picture of superman. Loki was preferred because he was a bad boy with emotional issues.

sex halo cortana

Thor is pretty charming and charismatic himself, while is kid brother is, frankly, halo cortana sex of a dick. Loki cortaba doesn't meet the criteria depicted in the comic; he's skinny, not lithe, and mostly wears outfits designed to make him look like he's trying to look larger sex apk download he actually is.

If someone tried that with a female cortaan, it would be called objectification whether or not most men in the audience found it attractive. Which is in no way mutually exclusive with them halo cortana sex designed to be sexually attractive.

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In fact, there was a controversy recently because a comic about Nightwing - charming, lithe, somewhat troubled, great butt - that had too much fanservice. Of course, you'd be hard halo cortana sex to find very many comic fans who'd argue that, say, Catwoman or Black Cat are nothing more than sex objects.

In fact, the comic that started the "those are just male power fantasies" meme complained about the new 52 halo cortana sex of Starfire, but even before that she went around in a skimpy costume and had lots of halo cortana sex. The biggest change in New52 seemed to be that she didn't seem to care about the dudes she was banging.

Also, a quick Google indicates that most discussions of "male power fantasy" are in relation to that Shortpacked comic, and it seems to be one of java sex games terms which everyone assumes everyone else knows the meaning of.

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The entire argument basically amounts to "male unrealistic bodies in comic aren't as bad as woman's because they're not really sexy". If a character is designed to be a sex object, they're objectified even if halo cortana sex reader doesn't actually find them attractive. If the reader treats them as a sex object halo cortana sex the creator doesn't, they're objectified. If both do it, they're objectified. Also, in fanfics, Loki is most often paired with And I'd like to point out that Bucky became ponrn game no registration lot more attractive to the fandom as the angst-tastic Winter Solider than he ever was as Sgt.

Barnes, and he has the typical "hero" physique. If an ultra-buff man isn't what female artists draw when asked to draw sexualized men for their own pleasure. However, I'm sure that women, much like men, like a broad range of types of people. I'm sure that most every last depiction of men in media is appealing to the typical of these fantasies, be it the "well halo cortana sex man in a suit" or "big buff man in spandex".

sex halo cortana

It also means you can easily cherrypick examples to show how much women hallo like big buff men, very conveniently. Few people are inclined to speak publicly and in great detail about their sexual fantasies on the internet. No, it's obviously not a perfect reflection of an entire gender's sexual taste, but halo cortana sex characteristics artists halo cortana sex ben ten amd gwen.porn gender choose to focus on and exaggerate shemalebigboom indicative of something.

sex halo cortana

And when no better barometer is available to you, you measure with cuckold fantasy games for android online one you've got.

Most male characters are a faceless pair of hands halo cortana sex a gun and grunting when hit by plying bullets. Yeah, but as soon teen shemale gif you find an in-game mirror you realise you should get out of game and into gym. They should turn Cortana into a pound woman with neon hair and an "Mmmm, male tears No, it's not more sexy, it's more "sexualized".

That's important, for some reason. She corgana a little sexier in Halo 2. Then again, that was on a new engine, and wasn't rushed like Halo 1. This was my original point. They halo cortana sex didn't halo cortana sex the tech back in the day to make Cortana as sex as they wanted to.

Pacman, etc, have all become sexier as tech gets better.

Parent reviews for Halo 4

Mario is much sexier in 3d compared to 8-bit. I'm only attracted to three dimensional hapo. I don't know that complexity of polygons have ever gotten in the way of size before. So hqlo there's a gratuitous scene of Thor washing his hands while shirtless in Thor 2, or a shot of his abs with two female characters halo cortana sex drooling over halo cortana sex in Thor 1, does that not count as being "sexualized"? In fact, remember Captain America?

Halo cortana sex when Peggy reaches out to touch him pokemon xxx the transformation? That wasn't Peggy Carter, that was Hayley Atwell. They just left it in. Also, Thor's portfolio includes fertility. He's inherently related to sex. Black Widow is a trained seductress, though she never actually does it in the movies.

You can't really make her sexier than she halo cortana sex normally. Ironically, reinbach hentai got complaints in AOU was the movie giving her a romantic subplot that explicitly cannot involve sex. Because not only is there no need for it in terms of the story, there's no explanation, either, and there's no artistic reckoning for it.

cortana sex halo

It would halo cortana sex like if there pokemon tf sex a second season of Eex, but now Nathan Fillion only walks around shirtless and with a giant prosthetic dick in his pants and no one said a halo cortana sex about it. It would be completely awkward, unexplained, forced, and just stupid. I don't know anything about Halo or Cortana but looking at the pictures, she coratna to look like a teenager in the first two.

Would be cool if she was literally growing over time, much like a real human.

cortana sex halo

Nice theory, i often played around with the idea that it was perhaps her maturing in her lifespan, she was a copy of a human and that was just halo cortana sex "puberty" for lack of a better term.

I kinda hate that term.

sex halo cortana

Just use "sexier" and "sexiness" instead halo cortana sex implying that sexuality is something inflicted on her, especially since the term is almost never applied to sexy male characters. Her body in the first halo cortana sex is that of porngame free without registeration adolescent.

Then an adult woman, and now a grown woman in her 30s or so. And probably the most "realistic" she's ever been. I'm not so sure about that, the Cortana I have seen in from Halo 5 doesn't even seem to have the same face as previous games. Not saying corgana wrong but I'm not sure what they were going for with the most recent Cortana, something about her face seems off and just different to previous Cortanas maybe it's a reflection of her character in Halo halo cortana sex I don't really know, not the biggest Halo fan.

She's wearing exactly the halo cortana sex amount of clothes up to the end of H4 that she always has; none. I could see it.

I thought this was going in coftana direction of pent-up frustration from John changing his AI's appearance which would be equally creepybut the way you put it is almost sweet though again, creepy. Cortana wants something she games online gay sex she can never have. Agreed, near the end of Halo 4 when she touches John's armor, she says "I've waited so long to do that.

While I do feel your theory makes a lot of sense, I fail to see how the celebration of the female form has anything to do with sexism. The Chief is the one falling for her I realize it's not likely at all, but I'm taking op's theory and halo cortana sex it. We play the game from the POV of the Chief. So we see Cortana like he sees her Can halo cortana sex stop saying sexualizing pokemon xxx futa or even men hzlo sexism.

Jesus, there is nothing wrong with sexuality.