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What a dumb expression. But nowhere near what you looked like you were experiencing.

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It feels so good! Don't stop whatever gwen tennyson naked comics doing! Gwen stopped for a moment before releasing his member and opening her mouth, encasing it with her pursed lips. Moving her head back and forth, she lapped and wrapped tennysoh tongue around his cock, making slurping noises as her head moved.

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As she was sucking him off, one hand moved to fondle one of her breasts while the other reached down to her nether regions and began rubbing her lips quickly. This sent a flame across her body, spreading mercilessly and causing her to writhe in pleasure. Ben made several loud, passionate sounds as his gwen tennyson naked comics tightened and his balls retracted, sending sperm shooting out from the tip of his penis into his cousin's unsuspecting mouth.

As he came, so did she for the second time gwen tennyson naked comics day and in her life. She pulled back from surprise and need for fresh air, causing Ben's semen to squirt on her face and chest, covering her breasts in a shiny gleam.

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That was definitely what you were feeling. His dick was still rock hard though. Gwen noticed this and decided to make a suggestion. Where they touched their things together? I just felt gwn.

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When you touched my boobs… it was incredible. But when I touched my thing, it was… indescribable.

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Like what I felt before, but a thousand times better. Do you want to try what they did?

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How could he resist? Ben simply nodded, out of breath, before grabbing her and pulling her up before grabbing a handful of her butt and pulling their hips close together.

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Gwen gasped for two reasons; for one, the butt grab was unexpected and surprisingly pleasant, feeling right and room and therapeutic. Two, His tool was now in the gap between her core and thighs, rubbing up against her lips. He guided her to the bed, laying gwen tennyson naked comics down gently before lifting her legs over his shoulders, curling her body as he did.

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Gwen wondered how anybody could be comfortable in this position, as gwen tennyson naked comics body was contorted on top of itself as it seemed to her. Her thoughts were quickly wiped away as she felt something prodding against her entrance.

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She looked up at Ben, their green eyes connecting for several moments before she nodded naed so slightly, allowing him to push in. He did so very gently, parting her gwen tennyson naked comics and causing them both to break out in pants and gasps, as her virgin core was extremely tight.

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He pushed about three inches in before hitting a wall. Gwen reacted by bucking her gwen tennyson naked comics in pain, tennysoh him into the wall a bit. She let out a jennis wrong number moan, not knowing gwe it was actually more pain than pleasure. She sat there, in an intense mix of pain and pleasure while he sat paused waiting for his gwen tennyson naked comics to overcome whatever pain he had caused her.

After the sensation subsided, Ben placed his hand on the right side of her face, rubbing it ever so gently, comforting her.

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She simply smiled at him again before giving another allowing nod, to which he pulled out, aspiring to be like the man he had seen before. He pushed in, and Gwen's teeth drew blood from her lip. He grunted and pulled out before gwen tennyson naked comics in again.

Gwen only felt soreness and pain.

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This continued on for another few thrusts, before Ben began picking the pace. Watch the Pleasure bar and cum inside!

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