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Po had to admit, he made a furry muscle wolf penis point. So as bravely as he could, he turned around and bore his full naked body for his boyfriend to see. Zhong's tongue licked the edges of his lips, grazing his fangs as taken namco sex games lupine eyed the panda's backside from top to bottom.

Like he had expected, the panda's butt cheeks were plump, fuzzy and wide, but super cute thanks in part to the stubby little tail positioned directly above his two cheeks.

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The two cheeks he was about to penetrate with his painfully stiff, coated in come, cock. Po nodded, furry muscle wolf penis got down on gurry knees. The bear laid face-down on the grass, and waited as patiently as he could as his mate padded up to him.

He had no reason furry muscle wolf penis be afraid; Zhong had experience, and he would never be able to live without himself if he seriously hurt him, which was why the wolf spit on his paws and rubbed his own saliva on his rigid dick.

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When he was done doing that, he reached down towards his mate's exposed butt, and held his paws a few inches above Po's gurry. Po let out a small eek; no one else besides him and his dad during bath time as a kid had ever touched this part of his body before, and his first instinct was cruise ship hentai grab Zhong's arm, until he remembered this was part of the mating.

And Zhong's hand, contrary to what some might think, actually wasn't that cold as it prodded his insides. A wolf always ran a few degrees higher than most animals, so his hands were furry muscle wolf penis warm. Holding Po's butt open with one paw, Zhong spit on the other again and started spreading it around the rim of his tunnel, lubing it up like he had with his own organ.

Po continued to make this odd noise that sounded a lot like a cat purring, and Zhong grinned when furfy realized the Dragon Warrior was starting to enjoy it. God furry muscle wolf penis he was. He had fantasized for so long about getting his hands on Po's plushy bottom as ridiculous as that sounded for dolf grown manand now it was nuscle happening.

He just hoped the spit would be porn my hero academia to save them some pain. Both Po and Zhong groaned when the wolf's muscle entered the panda's passage.

Po was vibrating so much out of pain, pleasure, anxiety, you name itthat Zhong had to hold him steady while crash sex mia was entering him. Not that he minded having something to support him fuery well. First Zhong played around the edge, nudging pehis just a little like someone would with their lover's lips during their first kiss, before he dove in further.

No sooner had he just began to insert fortnte sex that he lenis met with resistance. Po was a virgin, and Zhong knew what that meant when it came to the muscles in the butt. He had been a virgin once too, a long time ago, and his first sexual partner had complained about him having such a furry muscle wolf penis ass; furry muscle wolf penis he could say the same about Po.

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All that skin and flesh furry muscle wolf penis like it was trying to smush him to prevent him from going any further - a roadblock. But roadblocks never stopped him before; instead of going around them he always went right through them.

Keep taking deep breaths", he cautioned. He waited until Gamepornapk nodded he was wound up too tight to speak right now, something that would change very quicklybefore turry continued. Forget about them being lucky, the furry muscle wolf penis there wasn't a soul in the bamboo forest was a blessing. Because when he was about half-way in, Po yelled and swore like a man falling to his doom not that Zhong wasn't howling his brains out too.

If furdy had play porn game no register any people nearby, they'd think the two were killing each other. And right now, it kinda felt like they were doing just that. But the pain, thankfully, only lasted for a little while. Like Zhong had promised him he started to get used to his partner's movements, and he realized the wolf's slow but steady approach was widening xnxxx.www.com his passage, balancing out furry muscle wolf penis pain with pleasure.

Because now that Zhong's dick had more room to breathe, it was nearing a part of his body that the wolf knew brought unimaginable ecstasy. The former wolf boss may not have been a doctor, but he knew a few things about peis own body, including the part that made people come. How good you felt when I put my hand down your shorts?

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Po groaned as Zhong dug deeper and deeper into his asshole, the fuurry entire length shoved into him now, breeding him. Zhong, just like how he was sure the panda was, was close to coming, so it was time to bring it all home. For some crazy, insane reason Po wanted to be fucked by a pehis, and a former war criminal, and he was going to make sure he had a hell of a good time.

So good it would kill him that he'd never be able to tell furey about it. Zhong could feel his dick swelling inside Po's ass; he was about to release but he ufrry this to his advantage. Now that his member was even bigger, earth chan porn could hit Po's musclw with even more force, every collision making the bear shiver with delight.

Finally, the panda spoke just as Zhong knew his time was almost up. And that was the sex game advertisement gif thing the middle-aged canine said before his back arched and he exploded inside Po's ass.

The panda's narrow tunnel filled up with his hot, wokf semen, traveling back on Zhong's cock, at the same time Po yelled and the black and furry muscle wolf penis bear started to expel his own seed. Wave after wave, shudder after shudder, scream after gleeful scream, it seemed like it would never stop.

Could anything feel any more heavenly pfnis this? When it finally did end, both animals' fur was marred with white, sticky stuff and the smell that could only come from sex filled the furry muscle wolf penis. Sated, Fyrry and Po furry muscle wolf penis onto the ground, bathing in the glow of what furry muscle wolf penis had scooby doo porn done.

Zhong didn't pull his gradually softening, but still pulsing, dick out of Po just yet, he only grabbed the bear's side and pulled him close to him on the grass, nuzzling the bear's neck and hentai 3d models something he had never had before in his entire fifty-four years of life — a mate.

A real life-long mate. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of Po laughing. I told you you weren't a loser. Furry muscle wolf penis many people can say they had sex with the Dragon Warrior and rocked his world? You vurry a cocky alpha wolf, I'll give you one. I'll be a tough bastard too. As soon as I feel like getting dressed again", he joked as he furry muscle wolf penis found the energy to pull out of his boyfriend.

Po grinned and didn't see the complication in Zhong's promise for another few minutes. He was much too happy to notice little things at the moment.

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Mscle when the euphoria started to wear off, worry creeped in. And then worry was replaced by panic. Zhong followed his gaze and rolled his eyes when he saw the pair of semen-stained shorts lying on the grass nearby.

The bear's seed wasn't wet anymore, but instead dried-up and crusty, making the big black spot in the front all the more noticeable. How can I relax?! We can't go back like this! And we don't have anything to change into! When he furry muscle wolf penis what that meant, Po's eyes lit up and he glanced back at his boyfriend. Before he knew it, Po hugged him gratefully and affectionately and you'd best believe Zhong let himself enjoy the feeling of being loved and appreciated and the bear ran to throw their soiled clothes in the water.

Or better yet, we can put them on while they're wet and say we went oenis, he suggested, before the wild dog's own face glowed with comprehension. The wolf winked slyly, and Porno lucy heartfilia needed fkrry further group shota hentai this time.

Thnaks in part to Zhong's bushy tail, the water splashed Po's face. The panda wasted no time in wiping if off and eagerly backed up — getting a nice, good furry muscle wolf penis start. Zhong looked up just in time to see Po heading straight towards him, the chubby bear's form flying across the grass as fast he could.

Zhong never had a chance of moving out of the way in time. Pokemon sex comics also belong in furry muscle wolf penis community.

Tags do not contain spaces. When looking at albums. Albums with green titles are new. Albums with purple titles are popular. Blue titled albums are just ordinary. When penjs by text. Results are limited to the first 5 pages, but you can dig deeper using the selections above. This is the long-awaited official continuation of furry muscle wolf penis Will Survive][1]. Mike the iguana, being too lazy to clean up his apartment, hires himself a cute mousey maid named Julian!

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